Which is better: Outdoor Wooden Furniture or Synthetic Rattan Furniture? (2023)

Exterior furnishing is not an easy task, espcially when it comes to materials. We might all want a kind of furniture that is easy to maintain or rearrange, lasts for years and, of course, with the most reasonable cost possible. Among various types of materials available, wood and synthetic rattan appear to be the two most popular. But “Which suits my exterior space best?”, you might be wondering. Don’t worry, Let’s find out with ATC OutdoorSynthetic Rattan Furniture Supplier: We are going to do some comparisions between wood and synthetic rattan outdoor furniture based on several factors so that you can make a wise choice.

Weather resistance

It is undeniable that the ability to withstand continuous exposure to extreme outdoor elements is utmost important to outdoor furniture. Therefore, appropriate materials should be focused on

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Weather resistance of wooden furniture

Under different weather conditions, like the majority of natural materials, wood cannot withstand continuous exposure to outdoor extremes particularly well.

However, in contrast, outdoor synthetic rattan furniture – unlike natural one – is not easily damaged by weather effects including even continuously direct sunlight and high moisture level. It appears to be virtually all-weather-resistant and a better choice than wood in terms of durability.

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Beside the ability to resist harsh weather conditions, being able to remain undamaged despite everyday wear and tear is also a vital factor making the best outdoor furniture. We all need a kind of material that is enough to support heavy use.

In this case, wood might be slightly superior to synthetic rattan outdoor furniture. There are various types of hard wood such as teak, oak, maple, etc, which are well-known for their strength. These kinds of wood will be ideal if what you need is such a strong furniture.

Nonetheless, synthetic rattan is also a good idea for both home and commercial use in comparision to any other types of materials.


Cost seems to be a big deal to anyone trying to furnish their house ‘s exterior areas, and it is generally believed that synthetic materials are more affordable than natural ones.


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Synthetic materials are more affordable than natural ones

But in fact, prices vary based on various types of wood. Difference in cost of a teak and fine synthetic rattan outdoor furniture is minor, while oak or maple are much more expensive than wicker.

However, just bear in mind that the important thing is not only the price, but the worth! Synthetic rattan or wood might be much more expensive compared to other materials, but they can last a lifetime as long as you maintain them in the right way.


Maintainance is necessary for any items we use, especially outdoor furniture. Though it is crucial, not so many of us would love to spend all day long cleaning a dining set! Therefore, we all tend to choose furniture that is as easy to maintain as possible.

Good news is that, neither wicker or wood require special care or maintainance. Occasional cleaning can help maintain your wood / rattan outdoor furniture.

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Resin wicker furniture maintainance tips

For synthetic rattan outdoor furniture, you can also follow more useful resin wicker furniture maintainance tips.

In addition, because dust, dirt or droppings from birds are also problems to the appeal of your furniture, a good cover for your dining set is in need. The fabric should also be weather-proof and easy-to-clean.


Quality is important, but don’t forget the aesthetic appeal while considering from which material should your outdoor furniture be made. Both wood and wicker have their own beauty, and the point is which will suit your garden style best.

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Both wood and wicker have their own beauty


Many kinds of wood, with their grain and typical golden brown colour, can bring an exotic and impressive look to your exterior space. For those who prefer astonishing powerful garden furniture, wood furniture is an ideal choice as it will blend perfectly with the surroundings.

For synthetic rattan outdoor furniture, its appearance barely has any difference with natural rattan. That means it will look great in natural settings and might turn your exterior area into an elegant and fresh area.

A combination ofsynthetic rattan furniture and wooden parts can also be a good idea

It is obvious that both wood and outdoor synthetic rattan furniture are great choices thanks to their own good characteristics, so why don’t we combine the two materials for the best outdoor furniture then?

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A combination ofsynthetic rattan furniture and wooden parts can also be a good idea

“But how?”, You might be wondering. Dont worry, below are some references from ATC Outdoor Furniture Supplier. Just take a look and let our suggestions give hints to your choice.

Now it’s time to make your own choice

In conclusion, while wood is stronger, outdoor synthetic rattan furniture performs better in terms of weather resistance. Cost differences are variable and usually, wicker is cheapler than wood. Each type of material has different styles to go for and the choice is up to you! Just pay attention to what you really need, decide which factors should be under higer priority and make your own choice. Lastly, don’t forget that you do not have to choose one out of two, mixing-matching is also highly recommended for this!


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