Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (2023)

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SAP Fiori is the UX of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the manner in which you work. It equips developers and designers with a bunch of tools and regulations with an intent todevelop applications for any platform faster than before – delivering a agreeing, innovative experience for both users and developers. SAP Fiori empowers you to transform groundbreaking thoughts into extraordinary applications as fast as the market demands.

(Video) Quick guide way to emulate SAP GUI transaction Codes in FIORI!

Create an SAP GUI for HTML (WebGUI) tile for SAP Transaction in Fiori Launchpad

Transaction: F-02 (G/L Document Posting)

Ref: SAP Note 2700282

  1. Open Fiori Launchpad Designer in the CUST scope
    1. In SAP GUI for Windows, sign in on the desired client
    2. Run transaction/n/UI2/FLPD_CUST
  2. Open or create the catalog where the target mapping and tile should be created


(Video) How to enable Transaction Code(ok code) in SAP Fiori

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (1)
  1. Click Target Mappings
  2. Click Create Target Mapping
    1. Enter a Semantic Object and Action (Semantic Object: V3FIN / Action: display)
    2. Select Application Type: Transaction (G/L Document Posting : F-02)
    3. Enter a Title (G/L Document Posting )
    4. Enter the Transaction that the tile should launch (F-02)
    5. Enter the System Alias which maps to the system that the transaction should be launched in.
      • e.g., for Financials transactions, you may want to specify System Alias: S4FIN assuming S4FIN is mapped to destinations (e.g., S4H100_HTTPS) in view /UI2/V_ALIASMAP
  3. Deselect Device Types Tablet and Phone as SAP GUI for HTML is not supported on these device types
  4. Save the Target Mapping
Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (2)

5. Click Tiles

6. Click the Create tile

7. Select App Launcher – Static

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (3)
  1. Enter a Title, Subtitle (optional), Keywords and Information (Title: G/L Document Posting / Subtitle:F-02 /Keywords: F-02 / Information: G/L Posting )
  2. Enter the Semantic Object and Action from step 4.1(Semantic Object: V3FIN / Action: display)
  3. Save the Tile
Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (4)

8. Assign the catalog/role to users that should have the tile

(Video) SAP Fiori: How you can figure out a Fiori App is calling a Transaction Code in the SAP System?

– Will add Catalog created (V3FINCATALOG) in existing Group (Payments)

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (5)

– We use custom role created (Z:00:GUI_TCODE_LAUNCHPAD) , Add Launchpad Catalog in this role

Logon to the Fiori launchpad and test the Transaction tile created in above steps.

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (6)

Add User

(Video) SAP Fiori: How to Find Transactional SAP Fiori App based on SAP Transaction Code in SAP?

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (7)

Test Application

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (8)

F-02 Transaction executed using the Fiori tile

Transaction Process Walkthrough In SAP Fiori (9)



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