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I can't imagine how many times I've stayed in a hotel room in my travel life 🏨 I think you're also the same, especially if you're a solo traveler. However, have you ever heard that there are some unwritten rules inside a hotel room?

Yes, of course, due to some problems with security and comfort matters, some things cannot be done in a hotel room. So, before something bad happens, I'm here to advise you not to do these top 10 things in a hotel room 🏆 It doesn't matter if you travel alone or with friends. If you need a smooth and exciting experience during your travel, avoid these common mistakes exactly, as these bad habits could turn your dream vacation into a travel nightmare.

So, scroll through below 🥸 for the top 10 list of things you must definitely not do in a hotel room beginning from the next hotel stay.

#10 Lying After Damaging Something

Typically, you could accidentally damage or break some furniture or glass items. It doesn't matter because accidents happen. But I'm talking about damaging something in your room. Keeping it a secret can harm the hotel staff or new guests. With the current situation, I think no one needs additional safety risks during travel time 🏅

I remember an incident; for example, some new guest once cut their hand on a shard of glass. It happened although the room was cleaned by the cleaning staff 🥸 I believe that the fault is not with the hotel staff, but with the previous guests who didn’t make the staff aware of the broken glass in their room.

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The damaged furniture will usually be added to your bill, even more than its original price 🏆 Don't think that if you're lucky, they will skip the extra charge. Instead, don't wish to get away with the charges by saying it wasn't your fault or by not informing the staff. I surely know that during the guests' check-out, the front desk will definitely be sending someone to check the room 🥸

Accordingly, if you accidentally break or damage something in your room, the best action is to alert the hotel staff immediately. If not, trying to hide the damage or leaving without reporting will be the extra charge that you have to pay ⭐

#9 Leaving Jewelry and Money

With the COVID-19 pandemic, many hotels are only having housekeeping come in before and after a guest’s stay 🏆 More importantly, it’s still better to be on the “safe side” when it comes to your valuables.

Most hotel rooms provide an easy-to-use safe, and you're better to take advantage of it 🥸 I responsibly say that you should never leave your precious jewels, money, or important documents in your room unless it’s in a hotel-provided safe ⭐ Unfortunately, if you missed something, it will be important to report any lost or stolen items as soon as possible.

#8 Keeping Bathroom Door Unlocked when Taking a Shower

In my experience, taking a steamy shower after more hard traveling hours is the best feeling that can be gained in a hotel room ⭐ So, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a steamy shower at a hotel. But, the risk is what the vapor can do if released into your room. The hotel’s hot showers can cause a lot of steam and, due to that, can activate the hotel’s fire alarm system inside your bedroom if you leave the bathroom door open 🥸

You don’t want to rush through the hallways and gather with fellow guests. In addition, some hotels allow COVID-positive guests to stay on the premises, making this even more problematic 🥸 With all that, I want to make sure that you should keep that information in your mind and make sure there will be no problems during your vacation 🏆

#7 Sneaking In your Pets

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I know it’s wonderful to take your pets with you when traveling 🏆 But the problem is how to stay with them. Please don’t do it if you’re not staying at a pet-friendly hotel. Most hotels will not allow the furry animals to be in with you. If you have asked the hotel staff and they refused, don’t try to do it in your way ⭐

Animals leave trails of evidence, from hairs to prints, and because of this, your cleaning fees will surely skyrocket if you’ve broken the rules. I need not explain; it’s disrespectful to the housekeeping staff who are already working hard to keep the rooms safe and sanitary 🏆 In addition, you could be just kicked out of your room. It all depends on the hotel's policy 🥸

And finally, I remember again and again that you must make sure to book a pet-friendly room if your pet will be accompanying you during your visit. If that's a success, then you don't need to sneak your pet into your room ⭐

#6 Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in many hotels ⭐ However, some guests think that as they're in the comfort of their room, there is no need to observe the no-smoke rules. You are completely wrong! 🥸

If smoking is not allowed, you should not be smoking in any area of your room, even inside the toilet! The reason is that you are not the only one who will use the room 🏆 Although certain hotels still allow smokers to smoke cigarettes inside their rooms. Despite this, some guests insist on smoking in non-smoking rooms ⭐

Rather than smoking, the biggest problem is that guests get used to covering the smoke alarm in their room 🥸 This is they can smoke in bed, risking their safety and that of all other guests. This is my advice: never take a risk and smoke in your room. Instead, you can smoke outside in designated places, especially if you’re staying in a non-smoking room 🏆

#5 Stealing from the Hotel

Surprisingly, I heard some news about stealing things from the hotel, and some hotel customers are just real thieves. They are usually happy to steal items like towels, drapes, shampoos, and even bedsheets in the hotel room 🥸 So, if you are caught, you will also simply be arrested. This is not about a fact with good manners, but you might end up with an unwanted charge on your hotel bill 🏆

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Sometimes, there may be a thought to take home a few essential amenities that the hotel provides during the stay, like bathrobes, shampoo, lotion, and other vanity products 🥸 But, don't, as you could be charged extra or even fined for taking pricier items, including linens, artwork, and electronics ⭐

#4 Drinking Tap Water

Shall I tell you a story of a nice family who noticed a funny taste in the drinking water during their stay in the hotel room? 🥸

It turns out that the family and the other guests had been drinking from a corpse-tainted water supply for several days. How did you feel? Yes, you read it right. There was a dead body of a monkey or such animal floating around and decomposing in the rooftop water tank 🥸

Surprisingly, it will be the most extreme case of tainted water I've told you in a while 🏆 It’s certainly not just the only story, but my advice is to not drink the tap water in your hotel room, no matter where you’re staying. Nothing good ever comes of it ⭐

#3 Cheating the Minibar

Many hotel minibars have been removed from rooms with the COVID-19 pandemic season 🏆 But, if you see that you have it in your room, use it responsibly. If you are hoping to take a bottle of whiskey or something out of there, accept that you’ll still be paying for it during check-out ⭐

So, don’t try to fake the hotel staff out by replacing the liquor with a half-sipped Diet Coke 🥸 I want to say this happens more often than you might think, and the technology is more advanced than you think. And those who do it still get charged double, maybe. On the other hand, it's not just being dishonest, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s also unsafe for other guests ⭐

#2 Disturbing Other Guests

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Staying at a hotel can be the relaxing escape we all need, and it's a place to rest 🏆 So, it is expected that you will have the amount of silence required to achieve a peaceful environment for the other guests, too ⭐

Loud music and voices should keep in check when you’re in a hotel room 🥸 In my experience, no matter how luxurious a hotel is, they are still built with materials that don’t allow a lot of soundproofing, especially from upstairs guests. In addition, avoid walking around with weighty steps, so you don’t become “that annoying guest” for fellow guests ⭐

#1 Touching Things Without Considering the Safety

I'm going to cover all the areas in a hotel room, but most especially the bathroom 🥇

Inside the toilet, I advise you to put down a towel on the ground, so your bare feet will never touch the floor area where urine or other bacteria is likely to collect over the many times guests stay in the room 🥸 And make sure to ask the hotel staff for disinfectant wipes, on all doorknobs, the TV remote, faucets, and even light switches during your stay because the most ‘touched’ items and areas in a hotel room are often the dirtiest 🏆

Many hotels are now supplying disinfecting wipes for guests due to COVID-19 guidelines, especially. But, think about your safety as well and make sure to sanitize your hands after using germ-prone areas in your hotel room ⭐

As I said before, staying in hotels is my favorite ⭐ Somebody makes the bed for me, someone will bring me food if I call for it, and the best thing is that I'm on vacation 🥇 I hope that you also feel the same feeling when staying in a hotel 🥸

But over some periods, I've heard quite a few doubts about things I shouldn't do in a hotel. So I did a little research to share with you 🏆 And it turns out that there are quite a few things I should never do when staying in a hotel. So, above is my list of the top 10 things you should never do in a hotel room. Good luck, and make sure to avoid those habits during your next vacation in a hotel room ⭐

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