Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (2023)

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (1)

“The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself.”
W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (2)

“I like geography best, he said, because your mountains & rivers know the secret. Pay no attention to boundaries.”
Brian Andreas, Story People

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (3)

“This is the secret of life: the self lives only by dying, finds its identity (and its happiness) only by self-forgetfulness, self-giving, self-sacrifice, and agape love.”
Peter Kreeft, Jesus-Shock

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (4)

“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”
Shannon L. Alder

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (5)

“He said he hoped a lot of us would have careers in science,' she said. She didn't see anything funny in that. She was remembering a lesson that had impressed her. She was repeating it, gropingly, dutifully. 'He said, the trouble with the world was...'

'The trouble with the world was,' she continued hesitatingly, 'that people were still superstitious instead of scientific. He said if everybody would study science more, there wouldn't be all the trouble there was.'

'He said science was going to discover the basic secret of life some day,' the bartender put in. He scratched his head and frowned. 'Didn't I read in the paper the other day where they'd finally found out what it was?'

'I missed that,' I murmured.

' I saw that, said Sandra. "About two days ago.'

'That's right,' said the bartender.

'What is the secret of life?' I asked.

'I forget,' said Sandra.

'Protein,' the bartender declared. 'They found out something about protein.'

'Yeah,' said Sandra, 'that's it.”
Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (6)

“لقد وقفت مشدوها يا صديقي، وكأني أرى هذا المزيج الهلامي المعلق بين الأرض و السماء كأني أرى الإرادة المجتمعة ، كأني أرى كل ما لدى الناس من حب وقد ضمته صرخة واحدة. كأن تلك الأجساد الخشنة الملوثة بالطين والتراب تفرز مادة أكثر سمواً من الحياة ، خلاصة الحياة، جماع كل ما هو قادر فيها وقاهر ، وجماع كل ما لا يمكن مقاومته ، القوة العليا الخارقة ، سر الحياة .”
Yusuf Idris, حادثة شرف

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Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (7)

“The secret of life is not in what happens to you. It is in what you do with it that happens to you.”
Norman Vincent Peale

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (8)

“If you know the secret of life, you will never think negatively.”
Debasish Mridha

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (9)

“The secret of an abundant life is to expand it with more beginnings so that the universe can fill your world from many directions.”
Debasish Mridha

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (10)

“Being your authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness in life.”
Sheri Fink

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (11)

“If you want to know the secret of life, learn with enthusiasm and love with all of your heart.”
Debasish Mridha

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (12)

“To 'live', to be truly alive, it is not enough simply to breathe, to suffer, nor even to be happy; life is a secret that cannot be discovered on one’s own. True living is done in pairs.”
Romain Gary, Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n'est plus valable

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“When God reveals a secret to you, it becomes the job description of your entire life.”
Dr Paul Gitwaza

“The Game

Today i want to play a game,
you'll win if you can guess my name,

I am the one who hide behind shadows,
Behind my smile i hide my deepest sorrows,

I am the one who wants to be loved,
But can't overcome the memories of once beloved,

I am the one who hear voices and see faces,
find a friend who love and actually cares,

I am the one who spent his life in illusion,
Believing that everything happens for a reason,

I am the one who is scared of happiness,
Because of that i never lived in fullness,

I am the one who lost the meaning of life,
There is no motivation which can thrive,

I am the one who failed a lot,
All the lessons i remember is what life taught,

I am the one people love his silence,
Ignoring the pain adoring his patience,

Look at me one more time and guess my name,
you'll win if you can guess my name,”
Ratish Edwards

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (13)

“He who is not every day conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“A secret becomes a powerful mantra by revealing rather than hiding”
P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar

“The answer to the question - what is the secret of a good relationship? - is One realizing it is Two not to be alOne. Of course Man and WoMan are One. One perceives itSelf as Two not to be by itSelf. Let me illustrate this by the following story. I have this Dachshund named Ouroboros. Ouroboros is by itself. Ouroboros likes companionship. But Ouroboros is alone. What does Ouroboros do? Ouroboros sees itself, its own tail, and starts chasing it. Round and Round Ouroboros goes. Indeed like Earth. That's how Earth appears round by the way. But let's return to Ouroboros. Man and WoMan are actually Ouroboros. Forget about such nonsense that Man is from Mars and WoMan is from Venus. Man and WoMan are One not wanting to be alOne. Of course there is no division. Of course there is no separation. Of course Man and WoMan are always in relationship with each other. There where is the other is Ouroboros chasing itself! The desire not to be alOne, the desire for Companionship, the desire to Love and Be Loved is what drives Human-kind. Conclusion? Don't stop chasing each other. It's all about Love. Woof. Woof! Please note: the above is not exclusive to relationships between men and women but nations too. Humankind must never forget it is One perceiving itself as Two not to be alOne. In other words. Humankind must never forget its raison d'être is Love. Love is Purpose. Loneliness is Cause. Always return to Love when in doubt for Love is always aRound.”
Wald Wassermann

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (14)

“A man will never receive an invitation to participate in the secret relationships the woman in his life has with other females.”
Stewart Stafford

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“I know how hard it is right now to be you. I…I’ll tell you the secret of life right now. Quick. The secret of life is for you to enjoy being you. If you can do that, everything else happens by itself.”
Rosel George Brown

“God does not reveal His secrets just to satisfy our curiosity but to bring solutions on earth”
Dr Paul Gitwaza

“Acting like a secret agent doesn't make you a more valuable loser”
Arif Naseem

“The greatest discovery in life is the knowledge of the Will of GOD.”
Benjamin Suulola

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (15)

“In life if you have not done enough to create yourself, you will never be able to find yourself.”
Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (16)

“The supernatural always makes it seem as though there is nothing super about the natural.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Song of a Nature Lover

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (17)

“Days are more fulfilling when you have enthusiasm for life, a passion for the work you do, a heart for community service, and a commitment to your faith.”
Germany Kent

“In the end of life!
When we’ll become none by expectations, we’ll realize one thing that everyone, every phase & every experience was right in all places. Everything was just perfect. Every moment has been lived for a reason & outcome of that reason is TODAY.
Today I’m remained to see the remained love. Today I’m here to experience the last kiss my story. Today I’ve learned to respect the life little more as it’s going to be a memory tomorrow. Today my identity is the fruit for the truth of my life. This is the one & whole secret of my life. I don’t care how it passed through up till now, I want to make it more thrilling on my last breath too!”
Sonal Takalkar

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (18)

“In life, like art, there has to be an essential sense of weirdness.”
Jo Brunini

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (19)

“Don't be a supporting character in someone else's story,
Don't be the main character of your own story, But if you could, you should,
Become the whole story.

So that people look at you and think what do I need to go through to be this wise to illuminate this bright?”
Ritu Negi

Secret Of Life Quotes (43 quotes) (20)

“The big lesson in life, baby, is to never be scared of anyone or anything.”
Frank Sinatra


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