SAP Change Language Of The SAP Interface After Login (2022)

In case the SAP interface language isn’t a language that you understand or want to use, it might be useful to change the SAP HANA language to one that you understand, provided that the language has been installed and enabled by the system administrator.

How do I change the language in SAP to English?

In case the SAP interface ‌ language isn’t a language that you understand or want to use, it might be useful to change the SAP HANA language to one that you understand, provided that the language has been installed and enabled by the system administrator.

The language of the graphical interface is different than the language in which SAP is programmed, and if you are looking to identify SAP interfaces connections then you might want to check below link:

Identify SAP interfaces to external systems

In any case, changing the SAP HANA language is done by entering the correct SAP language key such as EN for English, FR for French, or DE for German, in the SAP login ‌ screen. If the language has been enabled in your system then the login will be done in your chosen language. See below a full guide on getting the SAP HANA language right on your SAP IDES login ‌ system!

SAP Change Language Of The SAP Interface After Login (1)

SAP change language

In order to change the default language, the one displayed by default in the SAP login ‌ screen, you need to change it through the preferences. If you simply select another language while logging in, it will be applied to the current session only, and you'll have to enter it again the next time you log in.

Logon screen in default language

To definitely change your default language, in the SAP Logon window, go to Options…

Open Options menu in SAP Logon

Find the SAP Logon Options => General options, and there change the Language. Also make sure the Use SAP Logon language as default logon screen is checked.

Change default Language in SAP Logon options

Apply the change, and restart your SAP Logon as prompted, all active sessions will be closed.

Restart SAP to apply language change

Then, reopen SAP Logon, you should already see the interface in the requested language, and find your SAP server.

SAP Logon in chosen language

The interface is by default in the selected language, and the proposed Logon Language is now the one chosen in Options... menu.

SAP login screen in chosen language
(Video) SAPGUI Language change 760 770 versions SAP Language change

In case the language you'd like to use is not available, check with your system administrator, he might have to install it.

See also – SAP change color per system

How To Change Language In SAP Logon?

SAP change language is simple, provided the language installation in sap has been done by the central team. SAP language settings allow to change the SAP logon language, which is also valid for SAP HANA language. This is how to change SAP language.

Simply go to SAP logon options > general, and select the language you want to switch from English to your preferred language.

How to change SAP language from German to English, how to change default logon language in SAP ? As German is what language is SAP written in, you might want to do a SAP language change to English. Once the SAP default language has been changed, the logon language SAP will always be that one, this will make SAP change language after login. The SAP default language parameter will also be changed accordingly.

SAP language key

SAP language key are the ISO 639-1 codes.

They consist of a two letter code to identify uniquely a language, and might be different from the country ISO code, even if the country has a single national unique language.

SAP logon language codes

  • SAP in English logon language code: EN – SAP code:
  • SAP in Arabic logon language code: AR – SAP code: A
  • SAP in Bulgarian logon language code: BG – SAP code: W
  • SAP in Catalan logon language code: CA – SAP code: c
  • SAP in Czech logon language code: CS – SAP code: C
  • SAP in Danish logon language code: DA – SAP code: K
  • SAP in German logon language code: DE – SAP code: D
  • SAP in Greek logon language code: EL – SAP code: G
  • SAP in Spanish logon language code: ES – SAP code: S
  • SAP in Estonian logon language code: ET – SAP code: 9
  • SAP in Finnish logon language code: FI – SAP code: U
  • SAP in French logon language code: FR – SAP code: F
  • SAP in Hebrew logon language code: HE – SAP code: B
  • SAP in Croatian logon language code: HR – SAP code: 6
  • SAP in Hungarian logon language code: HU – SAP code: H
  • SAP in Italian logon language code: IT – SAP code: I
  • SAP in Japanese logon language code: JA – SAP code: J
  • SAP in Korean logon language code: KO – SAP code: 3
  • SAP in Lithuanian logon language code: LT – SAP code: X
  • SAP in Latvian logon language code: LV – SAP code: Y
  • SAP in Dutch logon language code: NL – SAP code: N
  • SAP in Norwegian logon language code: NO – SAP code: O
  • SAP in Polish logon language code: PL – SAP code: L
  • SAP in Portuguese logon language code: PT – SAP code: P
  • SAP in Romanian logon language code: RO – SAP code: 4
  • SAP in Russian logon language code: RU – SAP code: R
  • SAP in Serbo-Croatian logon language code: SH – SAP code: d
  • SAP in Slovakian logon language code: SK – SAP code: Q
  • SAP in Slovenian logon language code: SL – SAP code: 5
  • SAP in Swedish logon language code: SV – SAP code: V
  • SAP in Thai logon language code: TH – SAP code: 2
  • SAP in Turkish logon language code: TR – SAP code: T
  • SAP in Ukrainian logon language code: UK – SAP code: 8
  • SAP in Chinese Traditional logon language code: ZF – SAP code: M
  • SAP in Chinese Simplified logon language code: ZH – SAP code: 1

SAP Supported Languages and Code Pages (Non-Unicode)
List of ISO 639-1 codes SAP language keys

SAP language keys displayed in T002 entry help

SAP logon language table

SAP language table is SMLT, it is the SAP language codes table and SAP logon language table. SMLT is also the SAP transaction code for language import.

The table SMLT contains the installed languages that are available to choose in the SAP logon. To add a new language, the language code must also be available in T002C first, the central language table that defines the languages that could be used in the system, either for the logon, or in the user exits.

T002C SAP Customizing Data for T002 Table

Displaying the T002 language table in SAP transaction SE16N

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SAP change language after login

If you want to change your user language after you have logged in SAP, open the menu system > user profile > own data.

(Video) SAP BASIS - How to Activate a New Logon Language on SAP

There, in the default tab, change the logon language to the one you want, for example EN for English, or FR for French.

SAP GUI language settings

SAP language tcode

It is also possible to change the language via the SAP language tcode SU01 user administration, or the SAP language transaction SU3 maintain users own data.

Using these transactions, and filling your username, will take you to the same screen as going through the menu system > user profile > own data, in which the logon language field can be changed for the language of your choice.

However, selecting your preferred language in your user settings does not mean that SAP GUI changed language, as this language has to be installed on the server. It simply means that it is your user preference for information display in SAP when relevant, such as country specific locales like taxes or date and time.

SAP language transaction SU3 tcode usage

SAP language transaction SU3 to change language after login

SAP business one change language

In SAP business one, go to the left sidebar menu administration > system initialization > general settings > display tab.

Here, a select menu called language will allow you to choose between all installed languages. By selecting the language you want, you will change language in SAP business one, which will promptly be applied to the user interface in your favorite language.

How to change the default language in SAP business one?

SAP business one change language

ABAP set language

To set the language in ABAP programming language to the desired language, start by opening the ABAP editor.

There, access the language system customization table T002C, and update the language to the required value for the target user.

How to change the SAP Supplementation Language

ABAP set language

SAP HANA language

Changing the graphical user interface for HANA is the same as for standard SAP, as the interface is the same.

However, if you want to change the language of the SAP service server connection, this can be done in open service definition > SAP services > SAP server details.

Creating a SAP Service

(Video) SAP Change Help Language

SAP HANA language

SAP change language during session

It is not possible to change the SAP language during session without having to close all windows and login again.

To change the language in the session, and only for the session without modifying the user logon language, the best option is to select another language on the SAP logon screen, when entering the username and password. That way, the language for the session will be different than the user default language.

Changing the SAP logon language because a SAP change language during session is not possible

Change SAP Ariba language

Changing language in SAP Ariba, another web interface, is not as simple as going to the interface and selecting your favorite language, as it might not have any effect on the actual displayed language… probably an issue with their interface that will be solved in a later bug.

Changing language in SAP Ariba Discovery user preference with no SAP Ariba interface language change

What you should do instead, to change the SAP Ariba language, is toto the target one in browser’s settings, restart it, and log back on the SAP Ariba interface – regardless of your user language preference, the Ariba display language will have been updated to the one of your browser, if available.

Change display language for SAP Ariba Web interface in Chrome

The process might be different per browser, but the end result will be the same, therefore make sure to follow the instructions corresponding to the Web browser you are using, and make sure it is compatible with SAP Ariba.

What browser versions are certified for SAP Ariba cloud solutions?

In general, you should go to your browser’s settings, find the browsers page language display options, and setup your target language as first language – there will usually be a list of languages in order, and the first language that you’ve selected and that is available on the website will be used.

And that’s it – at the end, your SAP Ariba’s interface will be displayed in the language of your choice – you might have to log out of the interface, and log back in, to see the language change in SAP Ariba after having updated your browser display language.

SAP Ariba display language changed from English to French by changing browser’s settings

SAP FIORI change language of the interface

Changing the SAP FIORI interface ‌ language can be challenging if you are accessing it directly from an SAP transaction, and do not log directly in the FIORI system.

(Video) SAPGUI - Connections and Shortcuts - Faster Login in SAP [english]

However, you can simply select the FIORI language on the FIORI login page in the list of available system languages!

To access this page, simply copy the FIORI URL address in your web browser, log out of FIORI, and open a new browser. Access the URL you have copied, and login using your standard SAP logon credentials, after having selected the FIORI interface ‌ language.

Change language in SAP FIORI interface

SAP change logon language questions and answers

How can I change original language in ABAP?
To change the original language in ABAP, update the language table T002C.
How do I change SAP?
To change SAP language or system color, follow our guides: change SAP language or change SAP theme ‌ to customize your SAP GUI!

How do I change icons in SAP?
To use different icons in SAP, open the SAP GUI options and select a different theme. Most themes come with their own set of icons.

How do I change the language on SAP to English?
To change the language in SAP to English, open your user preferences in your user profile and own data menu, or select the correct language on the SAP logon window.

How do I change to classic view in SAP?
To use the SAP classic design, open the GUI options in SAP logon, and select the appropriate classic theme.

How do I customize a layout in SAP?
To customize a layout in SAP,
How do I download SAP Language Pack?To download a SAP language pack you must have access to transport requests and the SAP Software Download Center.

(⩺More information on their website)

How do I import a language into SAP?Importing a language in SAP can be achieved in the transaction SMLT.

(⩺More information on their website)

How do you maintain language in SAP?
Languages maintenance and importation in SAP can be achieved in transaction SMLT.

What is language key SAP?
The SAP language key is a 2 digits ISO code on logon or 1 digit code in ABAP coding that is used to identify uniquely a language.

How do I know what languages are installed in SAP?
To find out which languages are installed in SAP, have a look at the transaction SMLT or the table SMLT.

Consider getting a SAP GUI training ‌ to know everything you need about the SAP GUI usage!

How to check installed languages in SAP? In the transaction SMLT
(Video) SAP GUI Important Settings

How to check installed SAP languages in video


What are the default language is installed in SAP r3? ›

The language environment that comes with the standard SAP installation includes German and English.

How do I change my SSO language? ›

How do I change the language for Star Stable Online on mobile?
  1. On the Home screen, tap Settings > General.
  2. Choose one of your languages and then tap “change to”.
  3. Scroll down and tap Language & Region.
  4. Tap "[Device] Language".
  5. Pick your language from the list.
  6. An alert will ask you to confirm the new language.

How do I change the interface language in SAP? ›

To change the default language of the SAP Logon screen, do the following:
  1. Open SAP.
  2. From the log on screen click Options, and then expand SAP Logon Options.
  3. Click General, and then type the desired language code in the Language text box.
  4. Click Apply, and then click OK.
2 Oct 2018

How do I change the original language in SAP? ›

  1. Choose one or more info objects in an Info Object List.
  2. Choose. Info Object. Attributes. Change Original Language. .
  3. You can choose from a list of languages that is displayed.
  4. Select the document classes you require and then Apply.

How do I change my SSO login? ›

Right-click the Enterprise Single Sign-On service entry, and then select Properties. On the Log On tab, change the account and the password to the values that you want, and then select OK. This account must be a member of the SSO Administrators group. If it is not, add the account to the SSO Administrators group.

How do I reset my SSO login? ›

Steps to reset SSO Password
  1. Navigate to Now Support ( and click on "Sign In".
  2. From the login page, enter ServiceNow ID and click on "Next".
  3. Click on the "Forgot your password?" link below "Sign In" button.
  4. Click on Send Reset Link Button.

How do you change the language on an interface? ›

Click File > Options > Language. In the Set the Office Language Preferences dialog box, under Choose Display and Help Languages, choose the language that you want to use, and then select Set as Default.

How do you change the language interface? ›

Change system language settings

Open Settings. Click on Time & Language. Click on Language. Under the "Preferred languages" section, click the Add a language button.

Which button is used to change the interface language? ›

Change your display language

The display language you select changes the default language used by Windows features like Settings and File Explorer. Select the Start button, then select Settings > Time & Language > Language.

How do you change the language back to English? ›

Change the language on your Android device
  1. On your Android device, tap Settings .
  2. Tap System Languages & input. Languages. If you can't find "System," then under "Personal," tap Languages & input Languages.​
  3. Tap Add a language. and choose the language that you want to use.
  4. Drag your language to the top of the list.

How do I change the language in SAP se16? ›

In order to display the Engligh names, on the menu bar select Settings -> User Parameters. Under the Data Browser tab, heading Keyword, select Field Label rather than the default Field name. Once you click the green check, the words will switch from German to English.

How do I change my default to English? ›

Change your web language settings
  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. On the left, click Personal info.
  3. Under "General preferences for the web," click Language Edit .
  4. Search for and select your preferred language.
  5. Click Select.
  6. If you understand multiple languages, click + Add another language.

What are the languages used in SAP? ›

ABAP is a programming language developed by SAP for the development of business applications in the SAP environment.

What programming language is SAP built on? ›

ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the primary programming language supported on the SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server platform and applications that run on it, such as SAP ERP (formerly R/3), S/4HANA and CRM.

What languages is SAP available in? ›

Supported Languages and Code Pages (Non-Unicode)
LanguageISO 639-1 Language CodeSAP Code Page (ASCII)
FrenchFR1100; 1610
GermanDE1100; 1401; 1610
37 more rows

What is the common programming language in SAP? ›

ABAP is a multi-paradigm programming language, meaning programmers can utilize procedural, object-oriented, and other programming principles. While it is SAP's primary programming language, programs written with ABAP can run alongside those based on other programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and SAPUI5.

How do you maintain language in SAP? ›

Position the cursor on a desired language and choose the Select function. Choose further languages as required. Choose Continue. The languages in which you want to maintain the texts are now selected.

How do you translate a language in SAP? ›

Translating Text Elements
  1. In the Object Navigator (transaction SE80), open the program you want to edit.
  2. In the context menu of the program, choose Display → Text Elements. ...
  3. Choose Goto → Translate. ...
  4. Enter the target language.
  5. Choose Translate.
  6. Translate the texts.
  7. Save your translation.

How do I download SAP language? ›

Go to the SAP Software Download Center and click on the Software Downloads button. Enter the media number. Download the packages. Please note that all media (part6 and part7 in our example) have to be downloaded and extracted.

Does SAP support multiple languages? ›

SAP Translation Hub supports a number of different languages. The translations are provided by the SAP multilingual text repository (MLTR) or SAP Machine Translation (SAP MT). You can use all languages that SAP Translation Hub supports as source and target languages.

Is SAP basis a programming language? ›

While SAP Basis is SAP's version of system administration, SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is one of the two primary programming languages that are used to develop SAP applications (the other is Java). ABAP programs run on an SAP NetWeaver ABAP application server.

Is SAP full of coding? ›

In simple words, SAP ABAP does require Coding knowledge for creating SAP applications. However, SAP ABAP basics don't require Coding expertise at a basic level. If you are striving to become an ABAP developer, you would most likely learn how SAP platform works, when it comes to using the ABAP programming.

How do I add another language to SAP? ›

Import & Install Languages to SAP
  1. Download all the necessary languages from SAP service marketplace. ...
  2. Put all the downloaded files into your EPS/in folder.
  3. In client 000, execute report from transaction code SE38. ...
  4. Click on Simulate to find the new entry for parameter zcsa/installed_languages. ...
  5. Go to transaction code SMLT.
11 Jul 2012

How do I know if a language is installed in SAP? ›

check via tcode SMLT.

How many SAP versions are there? ›

SAP Product VersionLeading Software Component Version
SAP SCM 7.0SCM 700
SAP enhancement package 1 for SAP Supply Chain Management 7.0SCM 701
SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP Supply Chain Management 7.0SCM 702
SAP enhancement package 2 for SAP SCM 7.0, version for SAP HANASCM 712
2 more rows

What are the 4 types of programming languages? ›

Here are three of the most popular computer programming languages:
  • HTML. HTML stands for "Hyper Text Markup Language" and is utilized for coding web pages. ...
  • Java. ...
  • C Language. ...
  • Procedural languages. ...
  • Functional languages. ...
  • Machine languages. ...
  • Assembly languages. ...
  • Logic programming languages.

Which language is used in general applications? ›

General purpose programming languages are more commonly used by programmers. According to a study, C, Python, and Java were the most commonly used programming languages in 2021 respectively.

What programming language is used most for applications? ›

JavaScript is the most common coding language in use today around the world. This is for a good reason: most web browsers utilize it and it's one of the easiest languages to learn. JavaScript requires almost no prior coding knowledge — once you start learning, you can practice and play with it immediately.


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