Liver Health: 5 Healthy Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally (2023)

Liver Health: 5 Healthy Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally (1)

Liver carries out more than 500 lifesaving and sustaining functions daily.

Liver is one of the most important organs in our body. It is responsible for a wide range of functions including detoxification, regulating nutrients, activating enzymes and more. Besides, liver secretes bile juice that helps promote digestion and metabolism. This is why taking proper care of our liver is much important to keep up our overall health. Consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta states, "Liver carries out more than 500 lifesaving and sustaining functions daily. Besides, it is also one such organ that cleanses itself. Therefore, it is very important to feed healthy and nutritious food to our body to not exert the liver." Considering this, we found you some healthy and detox drink options that might help promote the cleansing process with ease. Take a look.

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Liver Health: 5 Healthy Drinks To Cleanse Your Liver Naturally (2)

Here Are 5 Healthy Drink Options To Promote Healthy Liver:

1. Coffee:

One of the most popular beverages across the globe, coffee helps us kick-start the day and provide us the much needed energy to keep going. Besides, several studies also explain that having coffee in the right dosage might help promote liver health. Rupali Datta further explains, "Experimental studies have shown that moderate consumption of coffee actually helps with keeping the liver disease-free. Coffee consumption is shown to reduce fatty deposition in the liver while increasing the antioxidant capacity by increasing Glutathione-a potent antioxidant- production." Here're 3 interesting ways to brew a perfect cup of coffee. Check them out here.

2. Green Tea:

A study, published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, states that green tea, along with exercise, might help promote liver health. The study found that the subjects (here mice) who consumed green tea extract and exercised processed nutrients differently - their bodies were handling food differently. Considering this, we bring you some tips and tricks to brew a perfect cup of green tea to enjoy its nutrients and flavour to the fullest. Click here to know more.

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3. Turmeric Tea:

Turmeric is known to be a superfood and there's no secret to it. Rupali Datta states that turmeric is loaded with antioxidants that support the detox process by increasing production of enzymes. The spice also helps promote body's blood circulation, further promoting good liver health. Here's a turmeric tea recipe for you.

Amla (or Indian gooseberry) is healthy to the core. It is loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, vitamin C and several essential nutrients. These factors help flush out toxins and support our liver health. Besides, several studies have stated that amla in the right dosage might help prevent the onset of liver fibrosis and related clinical conditions, and also mitigate hyperlipidemia (too many fats) and metabolic syndrome. Besides amla juice, we found you few other ways to include amla in your daily diet. Click here to know more.

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5. Beetroot Juice:

Beetroot has always been dubbed as one healthy vegetable to add to our nutrient-rich diet. It loaded with antioxidants and nutrients such as folate, pectin, betalains, and betaine. In addition, it provides adequate amount of fibre, manganese, potassium, vitamins A and vitamin C. Considering these, Rupali Datta states, "These nutrients further help improve the flow of bile which helps remove the toxic waste from our body." We bring you an easy beetroot juice recipe for you. Click here for the recipe.

Include these drinks in your daily diet and enjoy a healthy living. But always remember, moderation is the key. And do consult an expert before adapting to any kind of lifestyle change.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.


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What is the best drink to flush your liver naturally? ›

Here is a list of drinks that help in natural cleansing and detoxification of the liver according to Medical News.
  • Coffee. Coffee is good for the liver, especially because it protects against issues such as fatty liver disease. ...
  • Ginger and lemon drink. ...
  • Oatmeal drink. ...
  • Tumeric drink. ...
  • Green tea. ...
  • Grapefruit drink.
May 20, 2020

What are the 5 liver super foods? ›

Five superfoods for your liver
  • Cruciferous veges. Veges such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale contain glutathione, which kickstarts the liver's toxin cleansing enzymes of the liver. ...
  • Olive oil. Yes, it's a fat, but it's generally considered a healthy one. ...
  • Green tea. ...
  • Citrus fruit. ...
  • Garlic.

What is the best way to flush your liver? ›

Reducing or eliminating all animal protein, alcohol, sugar, wheat, corn, soy, tobacco, processed foods, caffeine, and nuts will give your liver a much-needed break to do some long-overdue house cleaning. Give the digestive system some helpers.

What is the best water to drink for your liver? ›

Lukewarm lemon water

Warm water with lemon is recommended during the early hours of the day but, its benefits will remain the same even when you have it at night. Lemon is known for detoxifying the liver and cleansing the entire body in a go.

Can Apple cider vinegar clean out your liver? ›

Apple Cider Vinegar

Incredible detoxification actions of ACV work to flush out the harmful toxins from the liver that hinders its normal functions. Studies discloses that regular intake of ACV promotes weight loss, diminishes cholesterol levels, lessen inflammation, and uplift the overall health of the liver.


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