How to Choose the Best Louis Vuitton Bag for You - Journal (2022)

At Vestiaire Collective, we believe your handbag can and should align with your lifestyle. And every fashion choice we make has an impact not only on our budgets, but also on the planet. More and more, second-hand shopping and resale are becoming the modus operandi for building and refreshing a stylish wardrobe. It’s a sustainable way to invest in the best and allows you to contribute to a circular economy that gives iconic pieces a second (third, fourth…) life when you’re done wearing them. For luxury handbags built for every outing in your diary, we’re looking to Louis Vuitton. Of the many handbag brands on our platform, this is one with a long and successful track record for resale. Having pre-loved Louis Vuitton bags in your closet in a variety of colours, sizes and styles means you’ll always have the right luxury bag for any occasion. And in a manner that is sustainable for both the earth and your wallet. A win-win!

Check out the styles we love from Louis Vuitton...

The fashionable Day to Day bag

Never leave home without a touch of luxury when you own an everyday staple bag by Louis Vuitton. As one of the world’s leading luxury bag brands, Louis Vuitton designs some of the most instantly recognisable handbags on the market today. Evergreen luxury bags like the Félicie are functional and versatile thanks to practical features like removable pockets and a detachable chain strap. Alternatively, the uber-popular Métis is a top designer handbag for investment. Compact and sleek, it contains multiple interior compartments and a detachable shoulder strap for even more versatility.

The vintage-inspired yet timeless Alma and NéoNoé are classic pieces that you’ll never tire of. Structured and elegant, the Alma bag comes in just about any colour your heart desires. We’re thinking something bright and bold might just be what you need right now to lift your look and chase away the winter blues. For an everyday go-to style, there’s the NéoNoé bucket bag. This one revisits an original 1932 shape that was designed by Gaston-Louis Vuitton as a chic way to carry—what else—champagne bottles! Whether you want to wear your Louis Vuitton crossbody, on your shoulder or use it as a clutch, these handbags are as durable as they are chic, and they stay beautiful for many years. The refined craftsmanship that goes into creating a Louis Vuitton handbag ensures that you can wear and love these staple bags for a long time, and then resell whenever you’re ready!

The tote bag for the working woman

Who says you have to sacrifice your fashion sense when you head back to the office? Second-hand luxury bags like the lightweight Lockme Tote are the perfect transitional look from office to after hours. The generous front pocket makes it easy to access your wallet or phone without hassle and we love the metallic finish on the signature LV twist lock. The appropriately named Neverfull is a tote bag large enough to carry a laptop and all your essentials but with cinchable draw cords so your hard work doesn’t tumble out. It is one of Louis Vuitton’s most popular bags and has an excellent resale value.

One of Hollywood’s hardest working leading ladies, Angelina Jolie, prefers Louis Vuitton’s Cabas bags, which come in three sizes. The largest of the three, the Alto, has been discontinued but keep your eyes peeled on Vestiaire Collective to snag one of your own when it becomes available. You can even set an alert on your account in the app so you don’t miss out.

If lightweight with a sleek silhouette is more your style, look no further than the Flat Bag. This one was designed as a carry-on bag for the discerning traveller. It can be flattened to fit inside your suitcase, though we highly doubt you’ll ever want to hide this piece away. Artists like Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami have even taken to using this bag as a canvas of creative inspiration. Even if your business trips are on hold at the moment, you won’t regret investing in a luxury handbag so you can stay a step ahead.

The stylish Travel bag

We might not be getting a lot of frequent flyer miles right now but one day travel will be in again. Revamping your handbag selection now means that when the time comes, you will take straight to the sky in style. Whether you’re looking for a carry-on or a duffel bag Louis Vuitton has a handbag to suit any trip. Quick city getaway? Check out the Palm Springs, a sporty yet versatile backpack perfect for casual vacations. It’s a lightweight design, so you can do all of your sightseeing without feeling weighed down. The Palm Springs comes in three different sizes and you can wear it crossbody or use the top strap and carry it by hand.

For the perfect weekender, look no further than the Keepall, a stylish duffel bag with enough space that you won’t have to debate which pair of heels to bring. It’s also possible to fold the Keepall into another bag and use it to bring home your amazing shopping finds. This duffel comes in four sizes, so whether you’re a light traveller or pack-it-all type, there’s a Keepall for you.

Another chic yet practical travel bag that is durable enough to keep up with even the most seasoned jet-setter is the Speedy. This one is instantly recognisable for its rounded shape and two top handles. Legend has it that mid-century Louis Vuitton fan, Audrey Hepburn, requested a smaller version of the Keepall, and the Speedy was born. Talk about a woman who knew how to travel in style. Don’t forget to check out the Louis Vuitton selection of travel makeup bags and toiletry pouches that you can easily slip into any bag. Just like Paris, they’re always a good idea. Now all you need is your passport!

Night out, Nano bag on

The tiny bag trend is here to stay— that is, if Lizzo has anything to say about it. The Grammy-award winning artist adores her vintage Louis Vuitton pochette but she’s far from the only celebrity seen embracing the tiny fashion phenomenon. Louis Vuitton leads the game in the nano bag trend with a diversity of styles and fashions to choose from. By adapting the design and construction from their line of heritage handbags into micro shapes, the brand has created the same gorgeous styles scaled down for easy wearing and contemporary cool.

The coveted Mini Pochette Accessoire holds only your most essential items in a playful size. It has a secure top zipper and a chain and hook that can be attached to a larger handbag. At Vestiaire Collective, we’re firm believers that fashion minimalism doesn’t have to mean buying brand new. And that’s especially true with a small bag like the charming Nano Speedy or adorable Nano Noé. The Nano Speedy is the most popular size in the Speedy line-up. It holds a surprising capacity thanks to its rounded shape, and you can keep your items safe with a top zipper. With the Nano Noé, you get a petite bucket bag with a leather drawstring closure. Though it might not be able to carry five bottles of champagne like its big sister the NéoNoé, the Nano is capable of holding the essentials like your wallet, phone and keys. As for the champagne, we’re sure you’ll be able to locate it as the night unfolds. Liberate yourself from carrying any excess and streamline your look with a nano bag. All of the style, none of the bulk.

Investment in a Statement bag

Louis Vuitton has some of the best designer handbags to invest in 2021. In addition to being one of the most popular bags of all time, the Capucines is a statement bag that you can count on to hold its value. From season to season, this sleek top handle bag takes on eye-catching new colours, materials and embellishments. Each new creation is an instant collector’s item, making the Capucines line the place to look for investment-worthy handbags, and then buy a pre-loved style for an even wiser investment.

The Petite Malle handbag is a nod to Louis Vuitton’s origins. Sumptuously designed by Nicolas Ghesquière, the bag reflects on the house’s history as a trunk maker, a legacy that goes back to the 19th century. The Petite Malle has a distinctive box shape that fills you with wanderlust and just makes you dream of travel. It remains a strong investment piece thanks to its high demand, flawless quality and gorgeous shape.

If turning heads is what you’re after, then the LV Twist is your handbag. This beauty features a signature twist lock that is so satisfying to open and close. And an expandable base makes the Twist a highly functional design. The Twist comes in many different hues and textures, and this bag is no stranger to seasonal variations. So why not switch it up from year to year? With a high resale value on Louis Vuitton bags, you can rest assured that your investment is both sustainable and smart.

What you carry with you is important, but how you carry it matters just as much. Whether you’re heading to work, travelling to an exciting new destination or meeting friends for a coffee, your handbag is your constant companion. And every different occasion deserves a thoughtful style consideration.

Just like with the stock market, when it comes to investment handbags, diversification is key. Lucky for you, Louis Vuitton has such a broad selection to choose from. And once you’ve found a style you love, you can enrich your collection with new seasonal colours and materials. There is a reason Louis Vuitton is beloved around the world. The house’s handbags are timeless, iconic and, most importantly, they retain their value if you ever decide to sell.

Building a wardrobe that includes second-hand Louis Vuitton handbags for any occasion means you can reach for the perfect bag, every time. Prep your closet now for a 2021 at the height of fashion.

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