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Use the built-in calendar to schedule events. Parents can view this calendar anytime from their child's profile.

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There is no need to have a separate calendar to keep track of all the important events at your program because brightwheel has one built-in! Teachers and administrators can view and add to the calendar right from the app, and parents will see the calendar in the app as well. Calendars are organized by and specific to rooms.

Table of Contents

  • View Calendar/Add an Event

    • As an Administrator

      (Video) Getting Started with The Events Calendar - WordPress Plugin

    • As a Teacher

  • View Calendar as a Parent

View Calendar/Add an Event

Follow these steps on the mobile app to view a classroom's calendar or add an event to it whether you're an administrator or teacher at the program!

As an Administrator:

  1. Click Rooms and select the appropriate room from the drop-down menu

  2. Select Calendar on the bottom menu

  3. View the Calendar or add to it

  4. To add to it, click the + sign

  5. Enter the event details

    1. Add a Title

    2. Toggle the 'All Rooms' button to on/off

    3. Use the 'Select Rooms' option to select the appropriate room(s) for the event

      (Video) The Events Calendar Review - Best WordPress Event Calendar?

    4. Set 'Starts' and 'Ends' dates

    5. Add any 'Event details'

  6. Click Save

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As a Teacher:

  1. Navigate to the Calendar in the mobile app
    Please Note: If you're using an iOS device, tap the โ‰ก Menu icon in the top left corner and select Calendar. If you're using an Android device, simply choose the Calendar tab on your home roster

  2. Use the Room drop-down at the top of the page to view each room's associated calendar

  3. To add a new event to a specific room, tap the + icon

  4. Enter the event details

    1. Add a Title

    2. Toggle the 'All Rooms' button to on/off

    3. Use the 'Select Rooms' option to select the appropriate room(s) for the event

      (Video) Create A Year's CALENDAR of EVENTS for your Organization

    4. Set 'Starts' and 'Ends' dates

    5. Add any 'Event details'

  5. Click Save

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View Calendar as a Parent

Parents can view calendar events created by the program right in the mobile app!

  1. Click on your student's profile

    1. On iOS, click the Calendar icon on the top row of your child's activity feed to see any posted events

    2. On Android devices, click the Calendar icon in the top right corner of your student's profile to see any posted events.

Calendar & Events (5)

(Video) Customizing Your Calendar - The Events Calendar WordPress Plugin

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