brightwheel Premium (2023)

Find out more about what the Premium plan has to offer, including pricing, features, and how to upgrade.

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What is brightwheel Premium?

brightwheel Premium is the only all-in-one solution that covers check-in, daily reporting, class management, staffing, bill pay, assessments, and much more. It also gives providers and families access to our top-notch Customer Support team.

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brightwheel Premium includes:

  1. Premium Features: Staff management, unlimited student and roster uploads, messaging, assessments, videos, lower processing fees for online billing, CACFP menu planning, and much more. There are also many new features added regularly! See a more detailed breakdown of Premium vs. Free features.

  2. Premium Support: Access to our incredible Support team. View our How to Contact Support article for specific details.

brightwheel Premium Pricing

How much does brightwheel Premium cost?

brightwheel Premium is a monthly or yearly subscription based on your program's enrollment capacity. To get a quote, simply create an account on and visit the account page to see your price.

When will I be charged?

You will be charged the set price amount at the end of your free trial period (not necessarily the same day that you enroll in premium) and then on that same day thereafter each month or year, depending on the subscription term you choose.

Please note that annual subscription payments paid upfront are non-refundable.

How can I sign up?

To sign up for brightwheel Premium, all you'll need is some basic information about your program and your payment method. Once you've signed up and entered your payment method, you'll have immediate access to brightwheel Premium and your subscription will be automatically charged through autopay each month.

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  1. Set up a brightwheel account through our sign-up page
    Already have an account? Sign in here.

  2. From the purple menu, choose My School > Settings

  3. Select the Upgrade tab

  4. Enter in your payment method and billing address

  5. Click Enroll & Pay

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How much is brightwheel premium? ›

Brightwheel's pricing beings at $125 USD per month for 50 children. They offer a free trial and also have a free version.

Can you use brightwheel for free? ›

Details and pricing

Brightwheel is a subscription-app that offers a free, 30-day trial of Brightwheel Premium. If you don't purchase Premium the account will revert to a free basic Brightwheel account after 30 days.

How do parents pay on brightwheel? ›

All parent contacts and additional payers added (Family or Approved Pickups) can set up their payment methods directly in their brightwheel account on the web or on the app.

What are payments to brightwheel? ›

What online payment methods does brightwheel support? Families can connect and pay tuition online directly from their brightwheel app using bank account transfers (also known as ACH), credit cards, or debit cards. It is entirely up to your program to decide what payment methods to accept.

Does brightwheel report to the IRS? ›

The IRS form 1099-K is issued for all programs that process more than $20K and 200 ONLINE transactions in the given tax year. This form reports the total gross volume of online payment transactions made through brightwheel. Brightwheel will mail a 1099-K for each program that meets these requirements by January 31st.

Can parents send pictures on brightwheel? ›

Parent contacts can upload photos of activities, milestones, and more! Student contacts that have been added as a Parent contact may have the ability to add a photo of a student to the student's feed using the mobile app. This allows contacts to share photos of activities, projects, milestones, and more!

Can I check my hours on brightwheel? ›

Log in on the web. Navigate to the Reporting section. Click on the Timecards option under Staff Reports.

Does brightwheel do payroll? ›

Under Staff reports, select Payroll or Timecards. Leave the Select Employee field blank to run the report for all staff members. Select the needed date range. Click Apply to generate the report.

How much did brightwheel get from shark tank? ›

Dave accepts their counter offer and leaves Shark Tank with a $9 Million valuation for Brightwheel.
Offer: $600K at a $9 Million Valuation; 6.67% equity stake.
Business PitchChildcare management app
Asked For$400,000 for 4%
Deal$600,000 at $9 million valuation
2 more rows
Mar 31, 2022

How do I put money on my child's ParentPay? ›

When logged on and on the home screen, click on the blue “Pay for *Child's name*'s meals” button in the middle of the screen. In the popup that appeared, enter the amount of money you want to pay in, and then click on the blue “Add to basket” button.

How do I pay with ParentPay? ›

Log in to your ParentPay account. Select the button with the ​ symbol to quickly pay for meal, or the Pay for other items for a full list of this child's items for payment* Select either View basket and pay or Continue shopping. Once you have selected all your items, your basket and order summary will be displayed.

Can you pay with a credit card on brightwheel? ›

Accept Credit Cards

Brightwheel also allows payers to pay via credit and debit cards. Accepting credit card payments is disabled by default, but this option can be turned on in the Billing Settings. Turn this setting ON if you would like to accept credit card and debit card payments.

How much is Himama monthly? ›

Himama Pricing

Himama charges a flat $50 per month per classroom. So your cost increases linearly with the number of classrooms you create.

Did brightwheel get a deal on Shark Tank? ›

Dave explains that he wants to build the brand, and grow the company with the guidance a Shark can offer. Kevin O'Leary is impressed. He makes an offer: $400,000 in exchange for 10% of the company.

What are the benefits of brightwheel? ›

Brightwheel provides healthcare benefits, paid parental leave, flexible paid time off policy and 9 other employee benefits and perks.


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