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Delicate, sweet, inspiring, and refreshing – all this describes one of the most exclusive and desirable designing options with blue nails 2023.

The versatility of shades of blue gives you the opportunity to perform delightful forms for any season: the cold palette in blue is ideal for summer and winter, and the warm shades are great for autumn. Nails in blue are incredibly popular in the spring season, thanks to its tenderness and sophistication.

Fashion-forward blue nail ideas 2023 look different: playful and fun with funny prints, sophisticated and graceful with delicate curls, lace and flowers, stylish and concise with abstract patterns and geometry.


  1. Trendy Blue Nail Designs 2023
  2. Classic Blue Nails 2023
  3. Dark Blue Nails 2023
  4. Navy Blue Nails 2023 with Flowers
  5. Blue with Twigs
  6. Blue Nail Ideas 2023: Polka Dot
  7. Blue in Brush Stroke
  8. Dark Blue Nails 2023 with Rhinestones
  9. Blue Minimalism
  10. Blue Glitter
  11. Blue Ombre Nails 2023
  12. Blue Nail Ideas 2023: French
  13. Blue French and Moon
  14. Blue Nail Designs 2023 with Patterns
  15. Blue Nails 2023 with Stripes
  16. Navy Blue Nails 2023 in Negative Space
  17. Blue with Foil
  18. Blue Nail Ideas 2023: A Romantic Image
  19. Blue Nail Design with Kami Fubuki
  20. Abstract Blue Nail Designs 2023
  21. Navy Blue Nails 2023 with Lettering

Trendy Blue Nail Designs 2023

Slightly refreshing and invigorating, yet still very pleasant and soft, blue nails will be your favorite among delicate nail outlines and coatings.

Blue nail designs 2023 have top positions among light shades of gel polishes. Sophisticated blue looks charming both in winter and in summer, giving pleasant notes of elegance and sophistication to your hands and the image as a whole.

You can perfectly combine your favorite blue shade on the nails with jeans or a lovely dress, a beautiful sweater or blouse, getting a charming look for any season. The main trends suggest using the brush strokes, unicorn tears technique, with a color stretch, a French and holes. Interesting variations are offered with a matte finish, which gives a special charm to your blue nails.

Classic Blue Nails 2023

Classic nail art in soft blue tones represents the sky, tranquility, and relaxation. Blue nails symbolize freedom and the breadth of space, covering a wide range of influences.

Blue manicure is universal and remains relevant at any time of the year, from cold winter to hot summer.

Add variety and highlight two fingers with pearls in your nail designing. Be sure to use gold on a blue background. And don’t rule out geometric manicure done with a blue background.

Dark Blue Nails 2023

Lovers of dark nail tones prefer a variety of rich colors, and blue is no exception.

The noble dark blue shade of the varnish can act as a base color and as a basis for drawings on nails. A mixture of gold and silver patterns on a dark blue background adds solemnity to the image.

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Deep navy blue nails 2023 with stones characterize confident girls.

Pink & Blue

Would you like to try a fresh type of trendy blue nail polish designing that is original and extraordinary?

Then take a look at the blue different hands’ style, in which you will come across a tandem of blue varnish with sparkles or, for example, with a pink coating.

Impressive, isn’t it? This blue is great for any occasion.

Navy Blue Nails 2023 with Flowers

Floral motifs are presented in a new solution, more surprising and sophisticated. Such a blue manicure with flowers will appeal to every lady, regardless of whether you like floral patterns or not – the novelty of the fancy blue with flowers is amazing.

Blue with Twigs

Tenderness – this can be safely said about the adorable blue shade with drawings of branches on the nails. Beautiful and romantic twigs in trendy blue nail art can be complemented with sparkles or a gradient. Get a great trendy model in blue for any of your looks.

Blue Nail Ideas 2023: Polka Dot

A cute blue manicure is perfect with a white polka dot print that will add lightness and carefreeness to your looks for the warm season.

No less charming is the blue manicure with polka dots in the form of sequins and a combination with stripes and negative space.

Blue in Brush Stroke

A new trend in blue is brush strokes that look very extraordinary and stylish. Complement abstract patterns using the brushstroke technique with sparkles or other patterns – geometry, cobwebs, twigs, and certainly a matte top for gorgeous blue nail designs 2023.

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Dark Blue Nails 2023 with Rhinestones

Elegant blue nails are inconceivable without rhinestones or stones. An ombre with rhinestones on one nail looks festive and laconic, but a more pompous option is a scattering of crystals with a fashionable blue.

Glamorous rhinestones have become commonplace. And the use of a bright color base gives this nail designing sophistication and charm.

So, rhinestones on blue nails have taken their own niche in our list. If earlier girls tried to wear precious rings with stones, decorating themselves, now the trend towards stones and rhinestones has switched to nails.

The blue background on the nails makes a sensible compromise when combined with rhinestones and other elements. A great idea for a manicure – stucco flowers and volumetric stones.

Blue Minimalism

An everyday manicure can be done with light blue gel polish and minimalist prints that look delicate and so cute. Trendy dots, geometric prints, and stripes are trending ideas for trendy minimalist nail art options with blue lacquer.

So, for example, doing navy blue nails 2023 before an important meeting can help build trust. Indeed, blue at a deep psychological level means honesty, calmness, loyalty, and constancy.

Blue Nail Designs 2023: Matte & Gloss

Matte blue is outstanding. The most successful solution is to combine them with gloss, which can be represented by beige, black, white, or powdery nails.
If you want to complete an everyday blue for short and long nails, decorate the light accent nails with geometric motifs in the style you need. These can be neat stripes, lines, intersections, small fragile flowers, dot patterns, etc.

Evening blue nails with a matte top and accent glossy nails can be obtained if, instead of simple elements, you use an attractive ornament lined with pebbles, single pebbles located at the base of the nail.

You can replace rhinestones and a refined twig pattern with sparkles in combination with a spider web, or, for example, foil in combination with black stripes contrasting in color on a light gloss, etc.

Blue Glitter

How can you do without glitter? After all, they look so magical on a blue base. You can paint the sky with stars on your nails, which look very attractive.

Try to replicate cosmic motifs in blue using sequins.
Even the simplest scattering of glitter on nails creates a playful mood.

Blue Ombre Nails 2023

Ombre is not losing popularity today and goes well with sequins, rhinestones, and other motifs on the nails. The sophisticated and exciting blue nails style is offered with an ombre effect that does not lose its novelty and relevance.

(Video) Beautiful Manicure Ideas 2022 \ BEST Nail Art Designes 2022 / Nails Compilations 2022 #18

The blue ombre nails 2023 look cute with patterns on top of it, which creates a complex and interesting look for nail art designing.

Blue Nail Ideas 2023: French

Another popular technique that has not bypassed this season is blue French.

The use of bright colors in this technique gives freshness and youthful excitement. Unusual French in blue is very good to apply in the spring and summer.

This will perfectly emphasize the lightness of your look. A blue French with gray and beige nail polish will become indispensable for an office dress code.
Reverse French using blue polish also looks concise in everyday life. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of a blue French.

Blue French and Moon

Recently, the tandem of French & moon nails in one image has become a fashionable design.

Leading nail masters suggest performing trendy blue manicure in a similar solution with unusual shapes of lunula and smile, presenting new items of fashionable blue in the style of French with holes.

Also, be sure to try diluting the blue shade of the manicure with other tones and fixing everything with a matte top.

Blue Nail Designs 2023 with Patterns

Blue nail prints look very graceful no matter what you want to do on your toes. Creating blue nail designs with drawings, you have a whole layer of ideas in your hands.

These are alluring stripes and lace patterns on nails, geometric shapes of gold on a blue background, and an inimitable combination of blue with animal ornaments.

Among other things, you can simply highlight one nail with white and add a pattern.

Blue flowers on a white base and just blue and white stripes look great.

Floral patterns and twigs, animals and cartoon characters, hearts and stars, as well as many thematic prints that are typical for a particular time of the year, such as snowflakes and Christmas trees for winter, and palms, and fruits in the trendy blue nail in summer look trendy.

Blue Nails 2023 with Stripes

Simple stripes can help to execute a very stylish and creative blue design. It can be a trendy blue style with geometry, an abstract blue nails design, French or blue ombre nails 2023, with which a striped style in indigo will look completely new.

(Video) 50 Best French Tip Nails To Try In 2023

Navy Blue Nails 2023 in Negative Space

It is difficult to imagine a more common technique in the fashionable design of nails than negative space.

Blue in the best performance for any season can be done with negative space in the regrown and holes style, French and geometric nail designing.

Blue with Foil

The shine of decorative foil for nails will not be superfluous in a delicate blue manicure, giving sophistication to the image. Both foil strips and transfer foil in blue will look equally gorgeous.

In the first case, you can get a laconic blue nails design, and in the second, festive blue nails.

Blue Nail Ideas 2023: A Romantic Image

Are you planning a date, a romantic dinner, or just want to pamper yourself with incredibly beautiful blue nails, then complement the blue nails with images of city streets and the Eiffel Tower, flowers and hearts, which will certainly inspire you and those around you for pleasant little things and surprises, giving you a great mood.

Blue Nail Design with Kami Fubuki

Wonderful Kami Fubuki in the newfangled blue nails 2023 will be a playful addition to your nails.

Decorate matte nails in blue with Kami Fubuki stars, hearts, and circles of different sizes, which will become a stylish solution for blue nails.

Abstract Blue Nail Designs 2023

Abstraction in the pattern of nails conquers more and more hearts of modern women of fashion that are ready to try a new type of nail art, unlike any other.

We propose to use a variety of shades in a fashionable “abstraction” manicure, among which you should definitely use a blue gel polish, which gives softness and lightness to each style option.

Navy Blue Nails 2023 with Lettering

Мodish lettering on the nails is a great option with a special meaning, which can be used unobtrusively in fashionable blue nails. If you want to confess your sympathy or love – then create beautiful blue nails with a heart for the holiday on February 14.

(Video) EASY Pop Art Nails // DIY Cartoon Gel Nails

Themed fingernails with inscriptions will be at the peak of demand, such as New Year’s blue nails, for a birthday, or a marine style with an inscription and a blue coating.


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