Apple Discontinues iPad Air 2020 Model, Replaces With New M1 iPad Air (2023)

Last Updated: March 09, 2022, 09:30 IST

Apple Discontinues iPad Air 2020 Model, Replaces With New M1 iPad Air (1)

iPad Air 2022 seems to have replaced the older iPad Air 2020

Apple seems to have replaced the iPad Air 2020 model with the new M1 variant launched on Tuesday. So what happens to the older iPad Air now?

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Apple launched the new iPad Air model at the event on Tuesday, as many rumours had suggested. In fact, the new iPad Air also moves away from the A-series chipset, and now runs on the more powerful M1 chipset that is available with the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini.

But the moment you head over to the Apple website, you notice that Apple’s iPad section has been completely revamped with no sign of the iPad Air 2020 model.

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So, it is possible that Apple has decided to discontinue the last-gen iPad Air and only sell the M1 variant iPad Air now.

We even tried searching for the iPad Air 2020 model on the Apple website, but even a quick comparison with the iPad Air 2022 using its built-in tool gave us zilch results. Apple hasn’t officially confirmed discontinuing the iPad Air 2020 version in favour of the new 5G model, but all signs suggest the company has done so.

After all, both the iPad Air get the same price tag of Rs 54,900 for the 64GB Wi-Fi variant in India. So, it is possible that Apple would prefer to replace the A14 model with the M1 variant, instead of reducing the price of the former.

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So what happens to the old iPad Air? Will Apple continue to support the device with new updates and iPad OS version? We have reached out to Apple to check on this and will update once we hear back from the brand.

Apple iPad Air 2020 with the A14 Bionic chip was no slouch either. Its performance, the design upgrades and the display bump took everyone by surprise and its results made it a crowd-puller. Compared to the plain iPad and the bigger iPad Pro, this one balanced out mobility and power within the same frame.


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And even if Apple has discontinued the iPad Air 2020 model, we are hoping the company continues to offer software support for many years.

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Apple Discontinues iPad Air 2020 Model, Replaces With New M1 iPad Air (4)

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first published:March 09, 2022, 01:43 IST

last updated:March 09, 2022, 09:30 IST

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