21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (2023)

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (1) Cielo

Updated January 4, 2022

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21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (2)

Cozy evenings, soft sweaters, pretty coats, snow angels, hot chocolate, and an overdose of coffee and soup, that is the vibe of winters. On the other hand, so is the feeling of extreme cold and a runny nose! Here we uncover 21 tips on how to stay warm in winter in the most economical way.

With summers over and bidding farewell to the ‘Cool Mode’ let’s welcome the heat mode on our ductless ACs. You can always crank up the temperature of your heating and make your home warm and toasty. But then, you are likely to have an unkind surprise while opening up your next heating bill.

Wondering what would be the best way to stay warm in winters without turning up the thermostat? That’s the question. Apart from heating, there are some other tips and tricks that can help you stay warm without getting stuck with an astronomical heating bill. So, what are those? Let’s have a look!

Tips and Trick on How to Stay Warm in Winter

  1. Smart Heating Instead of Conventional Heating
  2. Special Gadgets Designed for Winters
  3. DIY Heating Equipment
  4. Use of Humidifiers
  5. Economical Use of Appliances
  6. Reverse Your Fans
  7. Run an Energy Audit
  8. Insulate Home Walls
  9. Insulate Windows
  10. Seal Any Leaks – Make the Room as Air Tight as Possible
  11. Rearrange the Furniture
  12. Let the Sun Shine
  13. Rug Up!
  14. Hot Beverages
  15. Eating Habits
  16. Layer It Up
  17. Dry Your Socks and Clothes
  18. Hot Water Bottle
  19. Do Not Venture Out with Wet Hair
  20. Stay Active- Stay on Your Toes
  21. Retain the Heat

1. Smart Heating Instead of Conventional Heating

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (3)

The first thing that we all turn to as soon as winter approaches is an HVAC system. Whether you rely on a heat pump, space heater, fireplaces or central ducted heating – this is the most convenient method to heat up the house. While you crank up your HVAC system, it’s best to use a ‘smart’ solution to make it as energy efficient as possible and maintain the best possible temperature!

You can either use a programmable thermostat for a ducted system or a smart AC controller for a mini-split, window or portable heat pump. Smart AC controllers such as the Cielo Breez Plus have built-in temperature and humidity sensors that sense the current room temperature and adjust the air conditioning automatically to maintain the perfect room temperature. These devices can be controlled through smartphones, or web app, from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Other modes within these devices come in the shape of schedules and intelligent trigger-based modes. Through weekly schedules, you can set up a routine for your air conditioner. Using comfy mode, you can set a preferred temperature range and your AC can automatically maintain the temperature of your choice! Apart from having a perfect temperature and keeping warm, you get to save on your energy bills as no energy is expended on needless heating.


2. Special Gadgets Designed for Winters

If you’re into tech or a gadget geek you’re going to love this! While you start that fireplace, turn the temperature up a notch, seal off your windows, and hunker down you may want to look at some tech savvy solutions.

Rechargeable foot warmers are heated in-soles intended to be placed in your shoes. When you are out in the woods or skiing, these little gadgets are a great help in keeping your feet warm. If you are at home and use your computer a lot, a heated mouse or mousepad would be a great tool to keep you comfortable without spending an extra amount on your utility bills. Heated jackets, heated gloves and caps, and smart duvets are all other technological innovations that give you 21st-century heating and a lot of convenience!

3. DIY Heating Equipment

If your area experiences unexpected power shutdowns or if you’re tired of high energy bills, then you can try out DIY heaters.

For starters, you can make your own flower pot heater. All you need are a few tea lights and foil and terracotta flower pots. Other great DIY heating options involve a solar heater using tin cans, or a heating pad. Of course, these won’t heat as good as an energy-powered heating source but would be a fun project. Also, you won’t freeze when the power goes out!

But you need to be extremely careful when burning something indoors thus take all the necessary precautions and be careful!

4. Use of Humidifiers

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (4)

It is a well-known fact that humid air gives off a warmer feeling as compared to dry air. This is why it is a good practice to use a humidifier during the winter months and maintain a comfortable, warm environment. But there is a downside. Too much humidity, above around 50%, can actually be detrimental and contribute to growth of mold and bacteria.

Using heating appliances and fireplaces can suck out the humidity from the air. This can greatly dry up the atmosphere in your house. Dry air can give rise to irritability, dehydration, and respiratory problems. A humidifier can easily prevent these problems while maintaining the perfect level of humidity. It will keep the indoor environment sufficiently humid.

5. Economical Use of Appliances

Be it winter or summer, the choice of right appliances and how you use them contributes a lot to the temperature at home. The stove and oven both help in heating your kitchen space. If you’re interested in trying out a slow cook recipe, winter is the best time to bring out the chef in you! Heat escaped from the stove or oven will help heat up their surroundings.

If you plan to bake during winter, leave your oven open for a while after you are finished (be careful if you have pets or children at home). This tip will allow the warm air to escape in the room and will help you stay warm!

6. Reverse Your Fans

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (5)

If you know the science, you’d know warm air rises while cold air settles at the bottom. In the summer months, a ceiling fan pushes air down and creates circulation, keeping you cool.

During the winter, it is a good idea to reverse the direction of the fan. Usually, there is a switch located on the fan, which allows you to do just that. If you cannot find it on the fan, consult the user’s manual. In the reverse direction, the fan pulls the cold air up and pushes the warmer air down through the edges of the room, keeping you nice and comfortable in winter.

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7. Run an Energy Audit

It is difficult to assess and know the changes that we need to make at the start of any season. These changes are essential and can help you lower your bills. If you cannot do it on your own, call your local electric company. They can help you assess your lifestyle, needs, and patterns of energy use. A professional will go through your home to check the home structure, appliances survey, and measurement of your home insulation.

Once you are done with the energy audit, the company can help you suggest and implement changes for more efficient energy consumption. This tip can help you lower your energy bills significantly.

8. Insulate Home Walls

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (6)

As an estimate, nearly half of all heat produced in a home is wasted through walls, doors, and windows. It is thus a good idea to insulate your walls and keep all the heat in, reducing your energy expenses and also keeping it toasty inside.

Polystyrene beads are becoming increasingly common as an insulation material, with expanding foam also being used previously. This material can be fitted in between the wall cavities. If space and construction do not permit the installation, they can also be placed either on the interior or exterior of the wall. The insulation serves as a barrier between the inside and outside, not letting heat escape. Further materials are also used on top of the insulation to ensure that the weather elements and moisture do not degrade the insulation over time.

9. Insulate Windows

Windows are also the surfaces from which you can quickly lose heat. As with walls and floors, you can insulate your windows to keep the warmth in and the cold out. Apart from putting up thick curtains, there are other options too.

Window films can be applied on top of windows to provide an insulating layer on top of the window. These films are made up of insulating material and closely resemble bubble wrap in appearance

10. Seal Any Leaks – Make the Room as Airtight as Possible

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (7)

Introducing warm air in your room is one thing; keeping it inside is another. You should be doing everything possible to keep your home as airtight as possible during the winter months. So that not only does the warm air not escape, but cold air also stays outside. Doors, windows, cabinets, cracks in the flooring, and roofs are all common avenues through which the air can escape.

It is a very sound investment to draught-proof your home and seal up those holes and cracks. For starters, use a door snake to attach to the bottom of your door. Other useful items are weather sealing tape, door and window seals, silicone sealant, and caulkers. These are all DIY, 5-minute jobs that can easily be performed without any hassle, but they make a world of difference in keeping you and your home warm.

11. Rearrange the Furniture

A little rearrangement does not only give a nice feel to the room, but it might also help you stay warm during winter. Winter season is the time when you need to get strategic on where the furniture sits to avoid cold air hitting you from windows and the walls.

Move your sofa, dining table, or the armchair near a sunny window to take in the sun’s heat. If you work from home, you can also place your desk near the window. Move your furniture away from a drafty window or poorly insulated warm to stay cozy in winter. Make sure to move your sofa or other pieces of furniture away from heating ducts or radiators so that the heat flows freely in the room.

12. Let the Sun Shine

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (8)

Although the sunlight in winters is not as intense as in summers, you can still benefit from it. If you are lucky to get natural light coming in directly from the sun in your living room, then open the curtains and welcome the sunlight. Make the most out of free heat! The rays will help you stay warm on the coldest of days.

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When it starts getting dark, shut the curtains. Curtains also serve as an added layer of insulation over your windows and help you stay warm in winter. Look out for the gaps in curtains and make sure no cold air can seep through!

13. Rug Up!

Wooden floors or tiles might look fancy and sleek, but they do not warm up your house as well as a soft and cozy rug might. Most of our body heat is lost through our hands and feet, and a cold floor will only speed up this process.

Wondering how you can stay warm in winter if you have a concrete or wooden floor? One of the quickest ways is to invest in a fluffy rug! You can opt for bold colors to bright up your home too! These rugs can prove to be aesthetically pleasing, and they also bring a cozy feel to the room while adding a layer of insulation for your feet.

14. Hot Beverages

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (9)

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate, especially in winter? It’s hot and warms you up on a chilly day. It does not only taste good but has been proven to be healthy. Research shows that chocolate increases oxygen saturation and microcirculation in your skin that helps you stay warm in winter. Moreover, the components of chocolate can help in increasing the feeling of calmness and contentedness. If you need an excuse for an extra dose of hot chocolate, this is it!

15. Eating Habits

Eating healthy is very important during winter to fend off flu and colds. Did you know that right choice of food can actually help you stay warm during winter? Eating food rich in fats during winter can help you stay warm in winter. A layer of body fat acts an insulation layer and protects you from cold.

16. Layer It Up

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (10)

Ever wondered how to dress warm for winter? This is one of the trickiest questions because if you overdo the layers, you feel hot. If you loosen them up, you feel cold. What is the best strategy here?

The answer is Layers. Bundle up! Start with the thinnest layer, and keep adding heavier ones until you feel warm. You need to focus on three layers to help you stay warm during winter:

The Base:

The first layer should be made of silk, polyester, or some other material that can wick sweat away from your skin. Never use a material that will absorb the moisture but won’t let it evaporate, leaving your base damp.

The Middle:

This layer is called the insulating layer. It is the workhorse in keeping you warm. Sweaters, hoodies, and fleece, etc. act as an insulating layer. Down coats can also serve as a middle layer in the coldest of temperatures.

The Outer:

This outer layer is less likely to keep you warm. This layer mainly blocks wind and rain. Your outer layer should act like wind and waterproof shell to stay warm in winter. Clothes made out of cotton, wool, or fleecy fabrics are recommended during the frosty weather. Wear warm socks or double layers of socks to keep your feet cozy on any chilly day.

17. Dry Your Socks and Clothes

As mentioned before, wet surfaces transfer cold more quickly as compared to dry ones. Make sure your clothes are absolutely dry before you wear them! Wet or damp clothes can be very uncomfortable to wear, and apart from leaving you cold, they can also lead to a foul odor.

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Moreover, in winter months, damp clothes will not dry off for a long time when you are wearing them, leaving you uncomfortable and soggy throughout the day.

18. Hot Water Bottle

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (11)

A hot water bottle can be a Godsend in the winter months, especially when you get into bed. This insulated bottle can be filled up with boiling water and be kept close to your body for heat. Due to the effective insulation of these bottles, they can remain hot for long periods and be highly effective in keeping you comfortable and cozy.

Hot water bottles can summarize all tips on how to stay warm in winter! Keep them close to you while lounging around, or pop them in the bed half an hour before sleeping. It’s pretty easy to prepare a hot water bottle and the best part is that it has no dent on your energy bill.

19. Do Not Venture Out with Wet Hair

This should come as no surprise. After taking a shower or getting your hair wet, do not go out into the cold unless you have completely dried yourself, especially your hair. Wet surfaces transfer cold much more quickly than dry ones, and your head is especially sensitive to cold. Be sure to give yourself ample time to take a shower and dry off before you head outdoors.

20. Stay Active – Stay on Your Toes

21 Tips on How to Stay Warm in Winter Without Spending a Fortune (12)

You should be staying active if you’re concerned about how to stay warm in winter in a budget! Being energetic and moving around significantly boosts your blood circulation and helps to keep your extremities such as feet and hands warm. It is recommended to keep on moving at least once in an hour. If you work at a desk job or sit around often, get up after every sixty minutes or so and stretch a little, take a short walk, and switch positions. A bit of light exercise will also help you keep warm.

21. Retain the Heat

In winter after a hot bath, let the water sit in the tub till the time it reaches room temperature. It would not only help you keep your bathroom warm but also help in balancing humidity at home. This tip will also help prevent dry skin problems in winter

Hot showers can build up steam and once you’re done you can even open the door to allow the steam to escape and warm up your room! In fact, instead of using the heating in the bathroom, you can turn on your hot shower a minute or two early to warm up the space.

Final Say on How to Stay Warm in Winter!

Winter months can be especially tricky if you want to keep warm without spending a fortune. These are some tips and tricks that can help you stay warm during winter, no matter how frightful the cold weather is. Not only do you remain warm, but also reduce energy expenses through the use of innovative technology such as smart AC controllers, and best practices such as sealing your home and dressing in layers. Follow the above-mentioned simple tips to enjoy a comfortable winter!

Here is to a start of the season that is going to lead us to a cozy, wonderful winter!


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How do you stay warm in the winter without heating a fortune? ›

6 easy ways to keep your house warm this winter
  1. Insulate floors, walls and ceilings.
  2. Ensure warm air can circulate.
  3. Cover hard floors with rugs.
  4. Use curtains, blinds and shutters.
  5. Track down and seal drafts.
  6. Switch ceiling fans to reverse.
8 Apr 2022

How do I keep my house warm in winter without spending money? ›

How to Make your Home Warmer in Winter (without Spending too much Money)
  1. Bleed your radiators. ...
  2. Move your sofa out of the way. ...
  3. Block out the draughts. ...
  4. Turn on the fan. ...
  5. Get your grandma curtains. ...
  6. Open the curtains and the blinds. ...
  7. Place tin foil behind your radiators. ...
  8. Get Double-glazed Windows.
25 Jan 2019

What are some tricks to stay warm? ›

8 wise ways to keep the heat in
  1. Wrap up warm. Dress in layers and wear a hat, gloves and scarf. ...
  2. Keep the cold out. Close doors and use a keyhole cover to block draughts. ...
  3. Don't use alcohol to keep warm. ...
  4. Check your heating. ...
  5. Maintain the temperature. ...
  6. Have warming food and drinks. ...
  7. Stay active. ...
  8. Check what support you can get.

How can I stay warm this winter 2022? ›

wearing plenty of thin layers rather than one thick one. putting on a coat, hat, scarf, gloves and warm shoes or boots when you go outside. wearing clothes made of wool or fleecy synthetic fibres (cotton is only effective if the garment stays dry) wearing bed socks and thermal underwear at night.

Can candles heat a room? ›

A candle can only produce very little heat. In fact, it produces a twentieth of what a space heater can produce. The heating capacity of a candle is just enough to keep a tea hot. A space heater can keep a whole room toasty.

What is the most economical way to heat a room? ›

Central heating is most efficient

You can combine an efficient central heating system with heating controls. So, if you don't need to keep every room at the same temperature, you can use individual room thermostats or radiator valves to target the heat towards rooms you use the most.

How can I heat my home for free? ›

10 step guide to keep your house warm without heating
  1. Rejig your furniture. ...
  2. Use a terracotta heater. ...
  3. Invest in insulation. ...
  4. Think about your habits. ...
  5. Put a shelf above a radiator. ...
  6. Bleed your radiators. ...
  7. Analyse any draughts. ...
  8. Block your chimney up.
26 Aug 2022

How can I heat my house without gas or electricity? ›

There's a few different things you can do, such as:
  1. Block up cracks and crevices.
  2. Consider double or triple glazing.
  3. Invest in thick curtains.
  4. Let sunlight in during the day.
  5. Check on the efficiency of your chimney.
  6. Close unused rooms.
  7. Consider solar heating.
  8. Pull out the blankets and layers.
7 Dec 2021

How do homeless people stay warm outside? ›

Stockpile blankets and sleeping bags.

These will be essential when you are sleeping outside, but can also keep you warm in a car or in a more protected shelter. Wrap yourself with blankets and then get into the sleeping bag for maximum warmth.

How do I get warm without anything? ›

Go for a walk or a jog. If it's too cold outside, hit the gym, or just do some jumping jacks, pushups, or other exercises indoors. Not only will it warm you up, it helps build and keep your muscles, which also burn calories and make body heat.

How do I warm up faster in bed? ›

Tips for Staying Warm on a Cold Night
  1. Tips for Staying Warm and Getting Better Sleep.
  2. Use a Space Heater: If you don't have central heating, a space heater is an ideal substitute. ...
  3. Use a Hot Water Bottle or Electric Blanket: ...
  4. Layer Up: ...
  5. Drink Warming Tea: ...
  6. Wear Socks: ...
  7. Do Some Light Stretching: ...
  8. Soak in a Hot Bath:
1 Nov 2017

How do you stay warm while sitting? ›

If you're sitting down, a shawl or blanket will provide a lot of warmth.

How can I save money and keep warm? ›

  1. Dry your clothes naturally or use a dehumidifier.
  2. Wash your clothes at a cooler temperature.
  3. Make your own draught excluders.
  4. Use an air fryer, microwave or slow cooker instead of your oven.
  5. Make the most of your appliances.
  6. Use hot water bottles, hand warmers and heated blankets to stay warm.
26 Oct 2022

How can I keep my house warm for cheap? ›

13 Ways To Make Your House Warmer
  1. Install a Programmable Thermostat. ...
  2. It's Closed-Flue Season, so Minimize Those Romantic Fires. ...
  3. The Spin on Ceiling Fans. ...
  4. Move Furniture Away From Vents, Registers, and Radiators. ...
  5. Stop the Draft, Close the Door. ...
  6. Install a Door Sweep. ...
  7. Quick-Seal Windows. ...
  8. Work the Drapes.

Why should you only burn candles for 3 hours? ›

Burning a candle for too long will cause carbon to collect on the wick, leading it to “mushroom.” The wick will then become unstable and produce a dangerously large flame. Plus, your candle will start to smoke and release soot.

Can tea lights heat a room? ›

In a word, No! … despite the internet craze of using clay flowerpots to store and dissipate the heat energy from burning tea light candles. The first law of thermodynamics, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in a chemical reaction.

Can a candle keep you warm in a car? ›

Empty coffee can, pillar candle, matches and lighter

If your family becomes stranded, lighting the candle will provide light and some warmth. The metal can keeps the flame protected and will also conduct heat from the flame that can be used to keep hands warm.

What's the cheapest form of heating? ›

Once you have made sure that heat loss from a room is kept to a minimum, gas central heating is generally your cheapest option. If that's not possible, then consider using an oil-filled heater for larger rooms or an electric heater for small areas if you're willing to use it in short bursts.

Is it cheaper to heat one room or the whole house? ›

In larger homes, a small room may be worth heating individually if it's less than a quarter of the size of the whole house, although there's less benefit if your house is well-insulated.

How can I heat a small room without electricity? ›

How to Heat a Room Without Electricity
  1. Close Off Rooms that You Don't Use. ...
  2. Open Your Curtains During the Day. ...
  3. Use Fans to Circulate Warm Air Upward. ...
  4. Install Storm Windows. ...
  5. Insulate Your Windows. ...
  6. Keep Your Water Heater Well-Maintained. ...
  7. Insulate Your Pipes. ...
  8. Consider Purchasing a Gas Generator.

Will boiling water heat a room? ›

So boiling water will heat the room more slowly than simply turning on the gas stove. That said, there is a way in which boiling water might feel like it heats the room faster: it increases the humidity in the room. Increased humidity inhibits evaporation of sweat and makes a room feel hotter even when it isn't.

Do candle heaters really work? ›

Around this time of year we often see people share memes about using tealight candles and a terracotta pot to craft a DIY heater. So we built a couple of different versions ourselves and measured the results. Yes, you can get a surprising amount of heat from this setup. But it doesn't work the way some think it does.

Do candle lanterns provide heat? ›

Particularly for winter camping, a candle lantern puts out quite a bit of light, and if the wind is not blowing hard, can raise the inside temperature of a tent by ten to 15 degrees.

How do you heat a room with electricity? ›

Electric Heaters: 8 Ways to Heat a Room
  1. Towel Rails. Towel rails work in a similar way to radiators. ...
  2. Convection Panel Heaters. Panel heaters spread heat purely through convection. ...
  3. Infrared Panels. ...
  4. Heated Mirrors. ...
  5. Ceramic heaters. ...
  6. Free Standing Quartz Heaters. ...
  7. Wall Mounted Quartz Heaters. ...
  8. Storage Heaters.
12 Jun 2017

How do you trap heat in a house? ›

So here are 10 simple tips for keeping your home warm for little or no extra cost – just in time for that severe weather warning.
  1. Use your curtains. ...
  2. Use timers on your central heating. ...
  3. Move your sofa. ...
  4. Maximise your insulation. ...
  5. Wrap up warm. ...
  6. Turn down the dial. ...
  7. Block out the draughts. ...
  8. Install thermostatic radiator valves.
9 Nov 2016

How can I heat my house naturally? ›

10 Ways to Warm Up at Home Without Turning on the Heat
  1. Close up any cracks in your window frame. ...
  2. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. ...
  3. Invest in the best blankets. ...
  4. Make your curtains work harder. ...
  5. Use draft stoppers on your doors. ...
  6. Cover your floors with rugs. ...
  7. Prevent drafts around electric outlets.
18 Dec 2015

How do people survive without electricity in winter? ›

Here are five ways to stay warm—and safe—during a power outage.
  1. If You Can, Get a Generator. Even if you've already lost power, it's not too late to look for a portable generator. ...
  2. Stay in a Southern-Facing Room. ...
  3. Seal Window and Door Leaks. ...
  4. Use a Fireplace or Another Heat Source. ...
  5. Camp Out Indoors.
5 Jan 2022

How can I heat my house cheap without gas? ›

Heating Options For Homes Without Gas
  1. LPG and Oil Boilers. For decades, many off the grid homeowners have relied on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and oil for their heating. ...
  2. Wood Fire. ...
  3. Biomass Boiler. ...
  4. Infrared Heating Panels. ...
  5. Electric Boiler. ...
  6. Heat Pumps. ...
  7. Solar Heating Panels. ...
  8. Plug-in Electric Heaters.

How cold is too cold for sleep? ›

Blood vessels become constricted, breathing becomes shallow and it puts extra pressure on our cardiovascular system to get our body temperatures regulated again, she adds. If your bedroom temperature is lower than 60° F, it's too cold.

How do you survive a night cold? ›

Top winter survival and cold weather tips
  1. Prepare! ...
  2. Hypothermia and frostbite are the real dangers. ...
  3. Protect your body heat. ...
  4. Keep covered. ...
  5. Dress in layers. ...
  6. Avoid sweating and stay dry. ...
  7. Snow is an insulator. ...
  8. Avoid eating snow.
14 Jan 2022

How cold is too cold to sleep outside? ›

How cold is too cold for camping in a tent? 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 to -4 degrees Celsius) is generally considered too cold for camping in a tent, especially for those less experienced or not equipped with the right gear.

Which food makes body heat? ›

Normal kitchen foods like onion, garlic, black pepper, ginger, and other spicy foods that produce heat in the body. Root vegetables are innately hot, and are therefore generally recommended during winters. Spinach, beans, potatoes, broccoli, etc. also produce heat in the body.

Why do I get cold easily? ›

Some people naturally tend to feel colder than others without any discernible cause. However, cold intolerance can also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Dysfunction of the thyroid gland, arterial blood flow, and low body fat can all cause a person to feel cold.

Can you survive winter without heat? ›

The reality is that heating can fail for many reasons in both the short and the long term, and people end up cold. It is important to remember, however, that cold can kill you - but barring total lack of shelter or certain medical conditions, most of us NEED NOT die of heat or cold.

Do more blankets make you warmer? ›

One blanket will trap plenty of hot air between itself and your body, but another blanket will create another layer of warmth. This will give you plenty of heat in the winter.

What keeps u warm at night? ›

Extra Blankets and Throws

Blanket material is an important factor in trapping heat and keeping out any drafts. Fleece is your wintertime friend, as well as materials like feathers, down, wool, or bamboo, so be sure to upgrade your sheets and blankets.

How can I stay warm without a blanket? ›

13 Tips for Staying Warm Without Turning Up the Heat
  1. Dress in Layers. ...
  2. Wear Thick Socks or Slippers. ...
  3. Use the Oven and Stove for Cooking. ...
  4. Leave the Oven Open After Baking. ...
  5. Enjoy a Cup of Soup. ...
  6. Drink Warm Beverages. ...
  7. Use a Humidifier. ...
  8. Reverse the Ceiling Fan.
17 Jun 2021

Does wearing 2 pairs of socks keep your feet warmer? ›

Many people think that wearing layering or thick socks is the best solution for dealing with cold feet. But they actually create pressure on your feet and cut off blood circulation to your toes.

How do you live in a cold house? ›

If it's very cold, set it to stay on longer, rather than turning the thermostat up. Close the curtains when it's getting dark. Tuck them behind the radiator and shut the doors to rooms you use most to keep the heat in. Stay warm with a hot water bottle or electric blanket – but don't use both at the same time.

What foods keep you warm in winter? ›

Here are some nutritious foods that can help keep you warm in cold weather.
  • Thermogenesis and Body Heat. In general, foods that take longer to digest can help raise your body temperature and make you feel warmer. ...
  • Eat Bananas. ...
  • Drink Ginger Tea. ...
  • Eat Oats. ...
  • Drink Coffee. ...
  • Eat Red Meat. ...
  • Eat Sweet Potatoes. ...
  • Eat Butternut Squash.

How can I keep the cost down in the winter? ›

Eight tips to help you save money this winter
  1. 1) Turn your central heating down by just 1 degree. ...
  2. 2) Be mindful when filling the kettle.
  3. 3) Get tax relief when working from home‍ ...
  4. 4) Make your own lunch and batch cook. ...
  5. 5) Pick your working spot wisely‍ ...
  6. 6) Remember to switch things off when you're finished‍

How do you heat a room to insulate it? ›

Try these tips for a warmer winter:
  1. Cover any air leaks with weatherproofing. Use weatherproofing strips and caulking to seal any air leaks in your doors and windows. ...
  2. Add thick curtains to your windows. ...
  3. Fix drafty doors with a door snake. ...
  4. Plug your chimney when not in use. ...
  5. Seal your attic air leaks.

Do rugs make a room warmer? ›

In regions where winters are extreme and/or last for a long time, rugs are one of the most trusted ways to keep the room warm, besides beautifying the space. In fact, you can place an area rug for home if your floor always feels cold or even if you simply want to feel extra warmth under your feet all the time.

How can I survive without central heating? ›

14 ways to stay warm without having the central heating on 24/7
  1. Drink tea, obvs. ...
  2. Close doors to rooms you're not using. ...
  3. (But keep the kitchen door open) ...
  4. Befriend someone rich. ...
  5. Invest in a slanket. ...
  6. Light some candles. ...
  7. Get a draught excluder. ...
  8. Put down a rug.
29 Jan 2018

How can I heat my apartment without a heater? ›

Believe it or not, there are a number of ways to warm your home without using a heater.
  1. Fireplace. A fireplace is a great way of heating your home without using your furnace or heater. ...
  2. Properly Seal Windows and Doors. ...
  3. Maximize Nature's Warmth. ...
  4. Shut the Door! ...
  5. Use More Rugs and Carpeting. ...
  6. Candles and Lighting. ...
  7. Cook More!
22 Dec 2014

How do you keep a poorly insulated house warm? ›

Apply Foil To The Wall Behind Your Radiators

Poorly insulated walls give the heat a fast escape route from your house. A way to combat this is to use foil behind the radiators. This will reflect the heat from the radiator back into the room instead of allowing it to escape through the walls.

Can a cold house make you ill? ›

Cold homes are bad for health. If you're struggling to pay your heating bills and your home is cold and damp, your health may suffer. Problems and diseases linked to the cold range from blood pressure increases and common colds, to heart attacks and pneumonia.

How did people keep warm in the 1950s? ›

Supplementary gas and electric fires were commonly used as well as more mobile objects such as hot water bottles and sometimes rugs. However many were conscious of such things as hot water bottles and blankets being old fashioned and making them seem 'old' and so they either avoided them or used more modern versions.

How can I stay warm without gas or electricity? ›

The best ways to stay warm during a power outage are to wear layers, stay in a confined space, use blankets and battery-powered space heaters, and to avoid exposing your home to cold air. Do not use camp stoves, car engines, gas stoves and ovens, or DIY terracotta pot heaters.

How much does it cost to heat a house for an hour? ›

According to Choose, the cost is approximately 3.8 pence per kWh, which means it would cost around 91 pence to run a 24 kW boiler for one hour. This will change depending on the cost of gas and the size and age of your boiler.

How can I heat my room naturally? ›

10 Ways to Warm Up at Home Without Turning on the Heat
  1. Close up any cracks in your window frame. ...
  2. Reverse the direction of your ceiling fan. ...
  3. Invest in the best blankets. ...
  4. Make your curtains work harder. ...
  5. Use draft stoppers on your doors. ...
  6. Cover your floors with rugs. ...
  7. Prevent drafts around electric outlets.
18 Dec 2015

How cold is too cold for house? ›

What Temperature is Too Cold for a House? While everyone has a different tolerance to cold, ideal winter heat settings should generally be at or above 63 °F (17 °C). Excessive cold (anything below 62 °F or 16 °C) in your home can actually raise your blood pressure as your blood “thickens” in the chilly temperatures.

What is the cheapest form of heat? ›

As a general rule, heating your home with a natural gas furnace is the cheapest way to keep warm through the winter months. Electricity is usually significantly more expensive than gas, so even the most efficient heaters will be a bigger drain on your pocketbook than a traditional furnace.

Where does a house lose most heat? ›

6 Areas Of Your Home Where You Lose The Most Heat
  1. Basement Walls and Floors. 20% of home heat is lost through basement walls. ...
  2. Cracks in Walls, Windows and Doors. ...
  3. Poorly Insulated Windows. ...
  4. Framed Walls. ...
  5. Ceilings. ...
  6. Exterior Doors.

How can I heat a room without a door? ›

Answer: To keep heat in a room without a door, the best thing you can do right away is attaching a wool blanket to the doorframe. It acts as a windshield and limits cold air that enters your room. Also, it decreases the area you need to heat and increases efficiency.

How can I stay warm for cheap? ›

8 Ways to Keep Warm on a Budget
  1. 1) Block Out Draughts. The best way to keep your home warm without turning up the heating is to stop the current heat from escaping. ...
  2. 2) Use Your Curtains. ...
  3. 3) Lay Down Rugs. ...
  4. 4) Layering Up. ...
  5. 5) Socks & Slippers. ...
  6. 6) Hot Food & Hot Drinks. ...
  7. 7) Hot Water Bottles. ...
  8. 8) Keep Moving.
13 Mar 2020


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