5 Reasons You Should Put Up A Photo booth At Your Wedding Reception

Weddings are an expensive affair and when you think of a wedding you start from the basics and keep adding all that you wished to have in a dream wedding and then many times you sit down to chop off stuff because they are too expensive or don’t fit into the rest of the theme or whatever wedding photobooth. Photo booths are not the first thing that everyone thinks of, but photo booths are something that you should consider as they are a fun way to save your memories.

Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider a photo booth!

You can see them right away

We all attend weddings and we always have to wait for a while to see the photos and by the time we get to see them we’d have lost some of the enthusiasm. It is great fun to get to see the photos right away. You can also get creative and have a photo tree or a photo board to hang the photos. It’s fun when the guests can participate in the wedding!


Weddings and receptions are fun. The dancing, music and talking to people who you haven’t met in a while is all going to keep people busy. But they will want a break too or just look for some entertainment to distract them for a few minutes. The photo booth comes as a nice escape. This also doubles up as a good place for people to socialize while having fun.

Gives uniqueness and in real time!

What is a wedding without guests? The best way to have memories of them being there is with photos. What can one photographer do to get everyone in their best moment or fun moment? Get a photo booth and it sure will not go unnoticed and you will keep guests happy as you can give the guests the best photos that they want from the wedding as a memory then and there. The guests can contribute by adding their own photo strips to a customized album or memory book of sorts in real time. The couple can have a guestbook with lovely photos and fun handwritten notes that go with it to cherish for life.

It is not the same always

I know that photo booths are the in-thing and every couple that can have them have it at their wedding. But it is not the same. Each photo booth is different, you can have open air ones, you can have with all kinds of props, what you do with the photos click is also your decision and you could keep it simple or go all out creative. So don’t worry about doing the same thing that everyone else is doing. Even if it is not the same, you can still have a unique and fun experience.

Fun memories to take back

You get two copies of the photographs and make special cards where people can stick them in and take the photos with them as a memory of the wedding!


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